No one can deny the influence of gaming in other media and industries; they now use gaming innovations in their themes, music, and other areas. In other words, gaming themes have become so generic because it is almost impossible to track the amount of media that uses it. If you want to know more about most of these games in gambling, then click here. You will find slots, roulette, poker and several other casino games there.

The most interesting thing is that some other parties that employ these themes are not necessarily related to gaming. And while it does not seem like a big deal, it only shows that the industry is truly growing. If you are curious about these themes, you don't need to search elsewhere because you have us. We will review the most popular ones as you read on. Let's get into it right away.

Super Mario Bros Theme

Since its release, Nintendo's Super Mario has been a big hit. And if you did not know, not only did the Italian plumber rise to fame, but almost every other thing about the game followed suit, including the theme. As a result, it is not uncommon to hear the music in several shows, sequels, memorabilia, and even movies. To this day, this classic tune remains evergreen in our memories. 

Nintendo Have Shocked Super Mario Fans With This R

There is also a Super Mario theme park located in Japan. This park presents the childhood nostalgia of playing the game, and is also another proof that showcases how big this theme is today.

Tetris Theme

Tetris from Gameboy may not be the most visually appealing video game, but it is still somewhat addictive. It is a game that takes you back to the pure basics, and in doing so, you enjoy raw fun. The 1989 Tetris theme is very charming, and we still hear jingles of it every time. It has a way of catching your attention till you find yourself humming along. The theme remains unwavering, and we still keep seeing it in the modern installments of the game.

Tetris 99 Battle Royale Nintendo

Sonic the Hedgehog Theme

Sonic, the notorious blue ball and possibly the fastest hedgehog on the planet, is another popular gaming icon. However, his character is not the only popular thing about the franchise. The theme, color blend, and several other things about this Sega star are popular. 

Sonic 2020

We saw a Sonic movie franchise commence in 2020, with a sequel following it in 2022. Both movies were filled with the characters, themes, and many other things from the classic Sonic game. Rumor also has that Sega is planning a Sonic theme park just like their Nintendo Super Mario counterpart. 

Kingdom Hearts Theme

The Kingdom Hearts theme known as Dearly Beloved remains a classic. What is intriguing about it is that it exists in several variations. If you listen to the earlier versions' theme, you may notice how much they keep improving it to suit the new generation. And because of this move, they were able to bridge the gap between the new and old players, making almost everyone like the theme.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Now, several media outlets take after the greeting of the Dearly Beloved theme. To think such little innovation would remain till this day is not what anyone anticipated.

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