Automations are builds that allow players to skip some of the grind in Minecraft. However, setting them up in a vanilla game is rather hard. Because of that, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best automation mods to use for Minecraft 1.19.

1. MineColonies

MineColonies is an interactive building mod that allows you to create your own thriving town within Minecraft. It lets your leadership skills soar by providing you with everything you need to build your kingdom. MineColonies gives you the flexibility to create a colony as unique as every player. With so many options, you’ll create a different colony every time, adapt to any biome, build inside a mountain, on top of one, under the ocean, or in the sky. The limit is your imagination!

A town built with this mod

MineColonies features NPC workers such as Builders, Farmers, Fishers, Foresters, Guards, Miners, Smelters, Bakers, Cooks, Couriers, five types of animal herders, Composters, and many more, with even more being developed and added as the mod grows. It also includes specialized buildings such as the Warehouse, House, Town Hall, Barracks, Library, University, and even the School.

2. Little Logistics

Little Logistics is a mod for Minecraft Forge focused on efficient, affordable, long-distance transport. This guide does not cover recipes, to check item recipes use JEI or a similar mod.

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Water vessels

Vessels are the core of this mod. There are two types of vessels: Barges (that can do all sorts of useful things), and Tugs (that drag the barges). If vessels get stuck, they can be moved slightly using fishing rods (just like other entities). Tugs can also be dragged with leads, right-click on the hook at the back of the boat to attach. Transport your items and fluids, or fish automatically using any existing natural waterways or create your own!

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Additionally, there are also small trains that can be linked together and transport items and fluids. Equipped with pathfinding and collision avoidance AI. Just pick your destinations and switch tracks will adjust automatically!

3. Bartering Station

Bartering Station mod adds one brand new utility block with the same name. Just put in all your gold ingots and they will be given to the piglins in the area. All the goodies they return will automatically be collected in the station block. Now add some hoppers for inserting even more gold and extracting your returns. Profit has never been this easy!

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Bartering Station

The bartering station has 6 slots to put in your gold. The station will attempt to give an ingot from each slot to a piglin Every 15 Seconds. Only a single ingot will ever be taken from a slot per cycle. So make sure your gold is spread out across all slots to use the station to its fullest potential. If you want to barter with more than 6 piglins simultaneously, just set up more bartering stations!

Inside the station's screen, there's a Small Indicator telling you how many piglins are within the area. So if your gold is not being spent, move the piglins closer and check again how many the station has detected. And don't forget, a single station can only supply 6 piglins at once.

Additionally, the bartering station will stop working when all the return slots are filled, so make sure you have some way of emptying those quickly.

4. More Minecarts and Rails

New types of Minecarts and Rails

This mod just improves the rail system of Minecraft greatly by adding a lot of rail types, which allow players to essentially automate them. Below are some of the most notable additions:

  • Wooden Rails- Cheaper rails with a slower maximum speed.
  • Maglev Rails- Much higher maximum speed than normal rails.
  • Lightspeed Rails- Extremely high max speed, but can't slope or turn.
  • Turbo Rail- Also known as Powered Lightspeed Rails, accelerates minecarts on any rail faster than it's regular counterpart.
  • Rail Turns- Turns only when a redstone signal is applied. Direction can be toggled with a right-click. Has wooden and maglev variants.
  • Parallel Rails- Rails that will not turn. Has wooden and maglev variants.
  • Rail Crossings- X-shaped rail intersection. Has wooden, maglev, and lightspeed variants.
  • Holograph Rails- Projects holographic rails outwards. Can be angled upwards by applying a redstone signal. Has wooden and maglev variants, with a shorter and longer max length respectively.
  • Color Detector Rails- Similar to an activator rail, but only activates if the player is holding (or a cart contains) a rail signal flag. Has a variant for every dye color. Best used with a signal minecart!
  • Locking Rails- Locks minecarts in place until a redstone signal is applied. Can be inverted to only lock when a redstone signal is applied. Outputs a comparator signal if a cart is locked inside. Has a directional powered variant.
  • Bioluminescent Rails- Like wooden rails, but emit a dim glow. Good for mining!

5. Auto Workstations

Auto Workstations adds automated versions for many of the vanilla workstations, including: Crafting Table, Furnace, Enchanting Table, Brewing Stand. Although some of these may already seem automatable, such as the furnace, this mod allows the automation of XP collection from them.

Auto Workstations

Each auto workstation in the mod has an iron and gold version, with the gold version being faster.

  • Auto Furnaces allows the automated extraction of XP. Empty glass bottles can be inserted, and they will be filled with XP to product bottles o' enchanting.
  • Auto Enchanting Tables can store XP, this works like a player's XP bar where each level takes longer to fill then the last. Bottles o' enchanting can be inserted and emptied into these and will output empty glass bottles.
  • Auto Anvils can store XP, this works like a player's XP bar where each level takes longer to fill then the last. Bottles o' enchanting can be inserted and emptied into these and will output empty glass bottles.

Hoppers can be attached to these to allow complete automation. There is a block can suck up nearby XP orbs and bottle them up like the Auto Furnace. The gold version has a larger range than the iron one.

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