Minecraft has been running for over a decade, and in that time period, the game has received plenty of updates. While some of them only add minor features, others literally change how the game was played.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best Minecraft updates ever released in the game's history.

5. Minecraft 1.11 (Exploration)

The 1.11 patch exploration update brought lots of exciting new mobs to discover, alongside unique structures. It adds the woodland mansion, one of the largest structures in Minecraft to date. To protect the mansion, Mojang also added illagers such as vindicators and evokers.

Exploration Update
Exploration Update

The patch also adds exciting mechanics and mobs such as shulker, llamas, totems of undying, and maps. True to the patch's name, players can purchase woodland explorer maps from a cartographer villager to find the location of the nearest mansion.

4. Minecraft 1.5 (Redstone)

This was the update that introduced Redstone to Minecraft. The special material enables incredible complexity, allowing players to create numerous automated farms and contraptions.

Maxresdefault 3
Redstone update

This update added almost all of the items and blocks that were able to make modern redstone possible. The list includes activator rails, redstone blocks, droppers, weighted pressure plates, comparators, hoppers, and more. Since then, the redstone system has stayed mostly the same.

3. Minecraft 1.14 (Village and Pillage)

Widely known as the Village and Pillage Update, the Minecraft 1.14 update majorly overhauled many different mechanics in the game that became incredibly iconic. It added new designs for villages, making them look different, based on the biome they spawned in. This makes the game much more immersive.

Village and Pillage update

Additionally, this update also adds raids, which is a fun "defend" event that encourages players to interact more with their village. The biggest change, however, is the villager trading system - it became the best and easiest way to get some of the most valuable items available in Minecraft.

2. Minecraft 1.17-19 (Caves and Cliffs)

The 1.17 caves and cliffs update is pretty much the biggest update ever planned for Minecraft, so big that it was split into three. Part One added things such as moss, copper, geodes, deepslates while Part Two overhauled the world generation by adding substantial height to the world in positive and negative Y values.

Maxresdefault 2
Caves and Cliffs update

Part Three aka The Wild is the best, however. It added a very unique deep dark cave biome, the ancient city structure, and the terrifying warden mob.

1. Minecraft 1.16 (Nether)

The Nether Update is likely the most famous and most liked update throughout the history of Minecraft. It completely changes the Nether dimension - turning its vast expanses of nothing into an exciting challenge.

Maxresdefault 1Nether
Nether update

The new nether biomes are brimming with potential for exploration and new challenges for players to try out. The Nether Update added four new biomes in the Nether: the crimson forest, warped forest, basalt deltas, and the soul sand valley. Before this update, the only biome in the dimension is Nether Wastes.

Minecraft 1.16 also added the basion remnant structure and their piglin inhabitants, which players can barter with to get certain resources. This update also added the strongest resource players could use to craft weapons and armor, Netherite.

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