A significant portion of Starfield's gameplay involves being inside a spaceship, making it understandable that most players prioritize finding the ideal vessel. Fortunately, Starfield offers an extensive selection of ships, with many available for purchase at the game's starports. While it's true that you don't necessarily need to spend credits to obtain a good ship, it's a fact that many of the finest ones are only accessible through purchase.

Although the criteria for what makes a ship great can vary based on individual preferences, there are certain universally important aspects, especially since combat encounters with other ships are virtually unavoidable in Starfield. As a result, any respectable ship should boast formidable weaponry. In this list, we'll present players with five examples of the absolute best ships that can be acquired with in-game credits.

​Abyss Trekker

Often regarded as the game's top fighter, the Abyss Trekker boasts substantial firepower. Nevertheless, this ship comes with a severely limited cargo capacity, so players should have a well-thought-out strategy before transitioning to this vessel.

Starfield Abyss Trekker
​Abyss Trekker


Typically encountered in Paradiso, this C-class behemoth possesses an exceptionally robust hull, combined with a high-powered shield, rendering it nearly impervious. Its steep price tag may deter some, but any player aiming to obliterate the Crimson Fleet, Ecliptic, Va'ruun, or a multitude of Spacers need not search beyond the Abyss Trekker.

Name Class Reactor Crew Jump Shield PAR MSL BAL Cost
Abyss Trekker C 27 6 28LY 850 38 96 162 345,000


Even in its most basic form, the Renegade stands out as one of Starfield's most versatile ships. While it's possible to acquire the Renegade in its upgraded versions at spaceports, players can enhance their own base version using Starfield's upgrade system once they own it. The base Renegade will set players back just slightly over 300,000 credits, and if they're fortunate enough to come across the Renegade III, it will cost them approximately 450,000 credits.

Starfield Best Ships

This ship boasts an exceptionally spacious cargo hold, with the base model offering a capacious 3,970 units. Despite its substantial size, the Renegade handles high speeds quite competently. However, the Renegade truly excels in repelling large numbers of attackers. It proves invaluable in end-game scenarios where players engage high-level opponents while carrying substantial resources.

Regrettably, there isn't a foolproof method for pinpointing the Renegade's exact location. Some players have reported sightings in Paradiso, where this particular model was initially discovered, while others have spotted it at the Red Mile on Porrima III. Fortunately, it tends to appear at one of the primary starports, including New Atlantis, Akila City, Cydonia, Neon, or Paradiso.

Name Class Reactor Crew Jump Shield LAS BAL MSL Cost
Renegade C 27 6 27LY 850 36 48 96 300,000+

Watchdog III

The Watchdog, particularly the Watchdog III iteration, is an exceptionally agile combat spacecraft known for delivering a substantial payload with its missile arsenal. While it has occasionally been located in Akila City, sightings have also been reported in the vicinity of Neon. Equipped with a sizable reactor that furnishes ample power for its compact frame, those skilled in space combat often consider the Watchdog their go-to choice for dogfighting.

Crimson Ghost III

The Ghost can be thought of as the Crimson Fleet's equivalent of the watchdog. Although both ships are impressive, the Ghost stands out due to its shielded cargo capacity, making it noteworthy for players inclined toward a more illicit lifestyle in the cosmos. Nevertheless, obtaining this ship necessitates players either becoming part of or covertly infiltrating the Crimson Fleet, and it comes with a price tag of around 170,000 credits.

Name Class Reactor Crew Jump Shield PAR MSL Cost
Watchdog III A 23 4 29LY 550 22 164 165, 475

Crimson Wight II

The Crimson Wight, along with its upgraded variants indicated by Roman numerals II or III, can typically be located at The Key, which serves as the Crimson Fleet's stronghold within the Kryx system. This ship represents the pinnacle of what the Crimson Fleet has to offer. Despite its considerable weight, it compensates with its massive C-class engines, reactor, and Grav Drive.

Screenshot 2023 09 07 150631
Crimson Wight II

What sets the Wight apart, aside from its ability to instill fear in any nearby enemy vessel, is its built-in shielded cargo hold. This feature greatly enhances a player's chances of successfully passing Starfield's contraband checks when entering settled systems. Given its generous size, players can easily incorporate additional shielded cargo holds without much difficulty. Unlike the other ships on this list, the Wight is a dream come true for those with less-than-legal intentions.

Another intriguing aspect of the Wight is its EM weapon system. Don't be misled by the "1" in the power column; EM weapons employ an entirely different power metric. These weapons possess the capability to completely bypass a ship's shields, bringing it to a standstill and rendering it vulnerable to docking.

Name Class Reactor Crew Jump Shield LAS BAL EM Cost
Crimson Wight II C 27 7 21LY 900 16 48 1 390,000


Shieldbreaker will become accessible to the majority of players upon their initial entry into the game at the New Atlantis spaceport, but obtaining it right away should not be anticipated. Players will need to invest a substantial sum of credits to acquire this formidable spacecraft. The Shieldbreaker is categorized as a B-Class vessel, boasting an exceptionally robust hull relative to its size, and it offers a storage capacity of 2200. It stands out as a versatile all-purpose ship capable of carrying a substantial load while adeptly navigating combat situations.

Shieldbreaker 001
Name Class Reactor Crew Jump Shield LAS BAL MSL Cost
Shieldbreaker B 27 5 25LY 610 24 28 58 279,425

Best Ship Weapons in Starfield

One of the most formidable particle weapons in the game is the PBO-100 Auto Neutron Beam, classified as B-class armament, which delivers rapid shots at a rate of 15.40 per round. A volley from four of these guns can swiftly dismantle the shields of smaller vessels and then pierce through their hulls with ease. However, it's worth noting that these weapons have a significant appetite for power, so it's advisable to equip a decent B-class reactor.

When it comes to ballistic and laser weapon choices, the KE-42 Cannon (31 Hull Damage, 2.5 Fire Rate) and Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser (32 Shield Damage, 2.5 Fire Rate) both stand out as solid options for B-class ships. Pilots who prefer hybrid weapon systems will find this combination highly effective, addressing both the need for shield stripping and hull destruction in combat-capable cruisers.

As for missile launchers, players have a variety of options, primarily depending on personal preference and availability. The Atlatl 270B is a dependable and safe choice, dealing 68 damage per hit and capable of reaching targets up to 4000 meters away. As players advance in the game and acquire a C-class reactor, they can consider upgrading to the more potent Atlatl 270C.

It's important to note that some of the more exotic weapons like the Dangan W Cannon and Reza 45 GHz MW Pulse Laser are only accessible to those who have attained the Starship Design skill.

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