One of the highly awaited video games of 2023, Starfield, is set to release in just a few weeks. Developed by Bethesda Studios, this science fiction RPG has captured the attention of gamers because of its immense scale. As the Starfield pre-download becomes available for Xbox and Windows users, numerous players are beginning to wonder about its availability on alternate platforms, particularly Sony's PlayStation consoles. Today, we're here to provide an answer to this very query. This article will delve into the possibility of Starfield being launched on both PS4 and PS5. Let's discover the details.

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Starfield, is set to release soon

Is Starfield Launching on PS5 and PS4?

Following the unveiling at E3 2018, it became widely known that Starfield was in development as a cross-platform project, intended for release on PC, Xbox, and PS5, consistent with the company's track record. However, circumstances shifted when Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda, occurred in 2021. Phil Spencer, who leads Xbox, communicated that the exclusivity of Bethesda's games wouldn't be a blanket rule, but rather determined on a case-by-case basis. Despite this, by 2022, Starfield was officially designated as an exclusive title for Windows and Xbox platforms.

Starfield was in development as a cross-platform project


Hence, addressing the inquiries about a potential launch of Starfield on PS4 and PS5, the response is a resounding negative. The game is exclusively available for Windows and Xbox. Aaron Greenberg, Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing, affirmed this during an interaction with a community member on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter) in 2022.

Was There Ever a Chance of Starfield Releasing on PS5?

In 2020, Imran Khan, who was then a senior editor at Game Informer, asserted that PlayStation was considering the possibility of securing exclusivity for Starfield on its PS5 console. This move wasn't surprising, given their previous actions with Bethesda-published titles like Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop. What's intriguing is that a few months prior to Microsoft's ZeniMax announcement, Sony was reportedly engaged in talks to secure PS5 exclusivity for Starfield.

Starfield How To Preload For Pc And Xbox
Starfield Releasing on PS5?

Earlier this year, Microsoft and various regulatory bodies focused on fair trade began investigating high-profile allegations of anti-trust practices within Activision Blizzard. In the midst of the FTC hearing, where a temporary halt on the planned acquisition was being discussed, confidential conversations and documents came to light. During the proceedings, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, asserted that acquiring the company was essential. He also revealed that Sony had arrangements in place to prevent Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo from coming to Xbox, and they intended to follow a similar path with Starfield.

Starfield Skill System
Starfield Skill System

Spencer's statement aligns with Imran Khan's 2020 claims and further substantiates the idea that had Bethesda not become part of Xbox in 2021, Starfield might have been exclusively available to PS5 gamers on Sony's platforms. However, as the situation currently stands, Starfield can only be enjoyed through Xbox, Steam, or Game Pass.

Starfield Is Getting a DLSS 3 Mod at Launch Despite AMD Partnership

It's not anticipated that Starfield will receive official DLSS 3 support. However, there's an interesting development: a modder known for creating DLSS & FSR mods for previous games has announced plans to release a DLSS 3 mod for Starfield. This revelation is particularly exciting for Nvidia GPU owners, considering that Starfield is projected to exclusively offer AMD FSR support through official channels. So, let's delve into what PureDark, the modder, has in store for Nvidia users eager to experience Starfield with DLSS 3 capabilities enabled.

Starfield Character Creation
DLSS 3 Mod

Modder Confirms DLSS 3 Mod Support for Starfield on PC

Starfield, a highly anticipated game, has been the subject of special attention from AMD, featuring exclusive hardware designs inspired by the game. AMD is even offering the game as a complimentary bundle with the purchase of their CPUs and GPUs. The announcement that AMD is Starfield's exclusive PC partner indicates that the game is essentially endorsed by AMD. However, leaked data from the Starfield preload game files recently revealed that Bethesda has not officially included Intel XeSS or DLSS support for PC in the game.

Starfield Newatlantis
Bethesda has not officially included Intel XeSS or DLSS support for PC in the game.

Despite the sponsorship from AMD, an individual named PureDark, known as a modder and reportedly in possession of a review copy of Starfield, has confirmed intentions to release a DLSS 3 mod for the game. This development is remarkably exciting, with hopes that the modder won't encounter obstacles preventing the mod's release before the official game launch. If all goes as planned, PureDark intends to release the mod on the same day as the early access becomes available, specifically September 1, 2023.

Initially, upon learning about the collaboration between Starfield and AMD, PureDark expressed intentions to release the mod within five days of the game's launch.

PureDark, the modder, has now confirmed possession of a review copy of Starfield and is aiming to launch the DLSS 3 Mod for Starfield five days before the official release date. This timing aligns with the early access release on September 1. Assuming no obstacles arise, those who have pre-loaded the game for early access will have the opportunity to download PureDark's DLSS 3 mod to enhance performance, particularly for Nvidia RTX 40 Series graphics cards.

Starfield Concept Art
Starfield Concept Art

A noteworthy detail is that the modder had previously mentioned the possibility of adding DLSS 2 functionality later. This suggests that the mod might encompass only the 'frame-generation' component of DLSS 3, excluding the AI upscaling aspect.

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