GTA 5 has one of the biggest and most detailed open-world maps in all of gaming. However, when it comes to actual map size, the game loses out to quite a few others. While size is not the deciding factor most of the time, quantity is a quality of its own. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 games with a bigger open-world map than GTA V.

1. The Crew (1,900 sq. miles)

The open world is the best part of this game. It is very beautiful, huge and you can literally drive for hours. It would take about an hour to drive from one side of the map to the other. You can choose the highway or the offroad route. Obviously, with the ladder, it takes much more time, but it is still very lucrative and challenging to cross the map.

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The variety of environments is very good. You have the swamps, sand dunes, forest, mountains, desert, salt flats, countryside, canyons, everything. It is possible to drive around for numerous hours and not get tired of the map. However, outside of the aforementioned map, the Crew is an average game at best.

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2. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (781 sq. miles)

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a masterpiece of its class, outshining its predecessor in more ways than one. From insane graphics, improved AI to the all-new immersive mode (which lets you choose how you play). Much like Wildlands, Breakpoint boasts a huge amount of character customization, ranging from your appearance to outfits, weaponry and even a pretty robust skill level system with all the talents to turn you into the ultimate Ghost soldier.

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Graphics are great for an open-world game, with so many environments like rainforests, snowy mountains, deserts, big grasslands, swamps, and even salt fields. The gameplay this time around is made to be more of a solo experience - players should go through their first playthrough solo with immersive mode on.

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3. Final Fantasy 15 (750 sq. miles)

While Final Fantasy 15 has a lot of weaknesses in the story department, it is stellar in the visual and gameplay part. The game looks gorgeous and there’s so much attention to detail in the animations and character models.

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The world was really cool and fun to explore. Final Fantasy often does the melding of classic fantasy and light sci-fi elements to create an interesting world, and FF15 is not an exception. Lots of thought was put into making the open-world a fun spectacle. A road-trip JRPG is a novel idea and it delivers on that premise.

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When the combat works it’s simple but weighty and visually satisfying. Teleporting about between enemies is fun and you have a varied arsenal of offense to switch between. There are also the summons, set-pieces and boss battles. These are mostly super cool and memorable. Fighting Titan or Leviathan, summoning Ramuh for the first time, or various other massive set pieces that look and feel fantastic.

4. Just Cause 3 (395 sq. miles)

Just Cause 3 is the most silly, mindless, unrealistic ride of destroying things since "Red Faction: Guerilla". It is to the FarCry-Series like "Saints Row" is to "GTA": a weird but fun parody. The story isn't the reason why people buy Just Cause 3. The plot is a bit lame and even the developers said that it is more of a sandbox-based game and that the story only helps the player get ideas of the things they can do.

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The Graphics are outstanding for a game of its time, the vibrant colors and hues of the area really remind the player of a region in the south of Europe. The amazing terrain is backed by the ambient soundtrack that adapts itself to the situation that you are in.


Gameplay-wise, Just Cause 3 really feels complete with the vast array of side missions and encounters, gear mods and collectibles, and all of the vehicles that you can discover and use at your own discretion with the clever idea of the rebel drop. The map is littered with great terrain and features that the player can experiment with, and the controls feel both realistic and snappy.

5. Death Stranding (230 sq. miles)

This game takes one of the worst ideas you can possibly have: Walking around from one point to another, delivering packages for dozens of hours. And makes it one of the most engaging experiences I've ever had in a game. The best part about Death Stranding is its world. There are two main open areas you get to traverse. They are so intricately and well designed, that despite most of them being "just" wide open green fields and mountains I never got tired and still wanted to see all of them.

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Gameplay-wise, for the most part, you are left alone, with not much fanfare around you, to explore this landscape at your own pace. Death Stranding takes the element of traversal and makes that one of the core elements of the game: Being aware of how terrain around you, planning smart routes and using the right equipment to traverse the roughest areas of the game get quite addicting after a while.

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You have to keep your balance and use the tools that you can craft, like ladders, climbing ropes, and more. Simple things like getting over hills, mountains and rivers feel like an achievement.

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