Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best open-world games ever made. The game features a lot of outrageous missions, including midair collisions, savage gunfights, talking animals... and more. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 most memorable missions in GTA 5 story mode 2022.

These missions represent the best excitement, humor, and spectacular escapism you can find in Los Santos.

1. Derailed

This mission is pretty much a Hollywood movie, with explosive action sequences from beginning to end. In Derailed, Michael and Trevor will rob a train from Merryweather Security, which is carrying some valuables. Players will control Trevor, reach the train on a motorcycle, and jump on top of it. Afterward, ride to the front and hijack the train - players will take control of it long enough to pass its station and crash into another oncoming train at the exact location they need.


Afterward, you will have to locate the cargo, while fighting back mercenary attacks. The mission ends with a gunfight with Merryweather and a river rapid chase in a Dinghy.

2. The Big Score

Michael and Trevor have always dreamed of pulling off the big one: robbing the Union Depository. This is the final and biggest heist players can do in the game. The best part about this mission is its replayability - there are two possible approaches: subtle and obvious.

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In the subtle approach, players stop the armored vans and use them to gain access to the vault. In the middle part of the mission, there is going to be an interesting interlude taking place, which involves redirecting the traffic. The final part of the mission is the most exciting, as you need to win a fight with Merryweather mercenaries, and escape the police pursuit using the cars that you have stolen earlier.

Unlike the Subtle variant, the obvious approach consists of a series of very demanding fights, which will start right after you drill the tunnel to the vault. Later in the mission, players need to escape a serious police pursuit, which might require some upgrades for the getaway car. The last part of shooting down the choppers is surprisingly easy, however.

3. The Third Way

At the end of the game, the player is given a choice as Franklin to either kill Michael or Trevor. However, there is a third way. Of the three possible choices Franklin can make at the end of GTA 5, The Third Way is the only one that really seems to fit his character, and leads to a far more rewarding finish. It is considered the canon ending of GTA 5.

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In this mission, the three protagonists team up to take out all the adversaries who have hunted them throughout the game. It starts with a shoot-out with Merryweather and the FIB and ends with each character dealing with one individual target. This mission wraps up the campy GTA story satisfyingly, allowing players to explore Los Santos post-game with all 3 characters.

4. Lamar Down

Small-time hood Lamar is Franklin's best friend, and his friendship with Franklin is one of the best storytelling touches in the game. It is nice to see the whole gang band together to save Lamar when he gets into trouble. This mission is also similar to The Green Sabre in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in which both missions involve the protagonist saving the life of his brother/best friend shortly after discovering through a close associate that one of their longtime friends has aligned himself with the Ballas.

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The best part about this mission is that the game gives players the opportunity to strategically take out the Ballas and rescue Lamar instead of just going in gun blazing. This coordinated assault on the remote gang compound has a more tactical feel than most of the run-and-gun shootouts in the game, due to the character-switching mechanic.

5. The Paleto Score

This heist is another job for the FIB - it is one of the most insane missions in the entire game. While robbing a bank in Paleto Bay, Michael, Franklin, Trevor, and a hired gunman must fend off both the local police and the military. Overall, this heist is probably the one with the highest body count in the game, and there is no option for going in stealthily.

Gtav Ps4 1080p 694

The Paleto Bank is located in a remote location - it is where the corrupt police force of the town hides all their money... and on the way out, you would have to deal with every single one of them. The worst part of the shootout is probably Trevor and Michael's slow movement speed due to the weight of their armor - you would only be able to move around at a snail's pace when getting shot at from multiple directions.

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