Grinding money is one of the most common activities in GTA Online. They are many ways to do that, from heists, races, and even adversary mode events. However, the most common way to make money is contact missions. While some contact missions yield less reward per run, they are easy to complete, which leads to better results in a number of runs.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 most profitable contact missions in GTA Online.

1. Blow Up

Blow Up is a mission given to the player by Simeon after reaching level 12. It is probably one of the quickest missions in the game. Players only need to drive to a dealership and destroy all the cars there. The player can either destroy them all with a jerry can in the parking lot, exploding them with explosives or missile launchers, or take all the vehicles to a gas station across the street and blow them all up at one time.

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It is best to drive all the marked cars close to each other and blow them all up in one go. This quicken the process and has a lower chance of attracting the cops.

2. Madrazo Dispatch Services

Madrazo Dispatch Services or Dispatch missions are unlocked right at the start. These missions are super straightforward - you only need to kill a number of designated targets dictated by Madrazo. All you have to do afterward is escape the area. The reason these missions are not #1 is that they require at least 2 people and cannot be done solo.

Dispatch 1

In most missions, the target is protected by guards; the players can utilize stealth to prevent the enemies from being alerted. This will also make the mission easier as the target will not be spooked.

3. Simeonomics

This Simeon contact mission is perfect for grinding, especially in double XP and money weeks. It involves players stealing cars from the airport and bring them to Simeon's dealership. While the mission can be done solo, it is recommended to bring at least one teammate to speed up the pace, as the minimum number of cars to complete it is two.


Players can choose to either approach the mission stealthily or not. It is best to practice your stealth skill, as there are many security guards in the vicinity, which can waste a lot of time. Should the players alert any guards or workers on their way to the vehicles, they will be given a three-star wanted level. After obtaining the vehicles, lose the wanted levels and get to Simeon.

4. Flood In The LS River

Another simple contact mission that can be done solo. Gerald offers you this at level 6. In this mission, The Vagos and the Lost are having a drug-dealing meeting over the LS River. Players need to bust that meeting, take out the gangsters and steal the stash. Afterward, lose any wanted level and deliver it to Gerald's apartment.

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This mission is super easy and players should solo it on hard mode for the best payout.

5. The Los Santos Connection

The Los Santos Connection is a high-risk, high reward grind that only experienced players should attempt. It is available at level 40 and involves a lot of combat and driving around. Similar to the #4 mission, The Los Santos Connection is also about stealing the drug package, however, instead of just stealing, players also need to wipe out their whole organization.

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Cash and RP vary depending on the time spent. The faster you complete this mission, the better. It is recommended to bring an armored Kuruma for an easier time fighting.

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