GTA 5 is one of the most moddable games ever created. Everything can be modded, including weather, NPCs, protagonists, and most importantly vehicles. And when it comes to vehicle modding, plane mods are probably the most useful.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 6 best plane mods for GTA 5 in 2022.

1. F-22 Raptor

The F-22 is the most popular fighter jet in the US Air Force aircraft inventory. Equipped with stealth and BVR capabilities, this is a true 5th gen fighter jet. With thee F-22 Raptor mod, players would be able to enjoy the power of this awesome jet in GTA 5.

2cd0b5 Raptor
Players can use the powerful Raptor in GTA 5 by installing this mod.

The modded F-22 is fairly realistic with openable weapon bays and even droppable bombs. It comes with a realistic cockpit (artificial horizon is working) and 6 different 2048x2048 pixel skins.

2. Air Force One Boeing VC-25A

This impressive mod adds the Air Force One Boeing VC-25A to GTA 5. This is the main presidential aircraft of the United States. 2 Aircraft have been built in this configuration, with the most common callsign being Air Force One.

787145 Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot 2018 07 26 12

The main feature of this one is a modeled interior, which can actually be entered. This mod only includes the entrance and walkway to the main deck and president's cabin. Offices and com stations have NOT been modeled. Still, you can enter this and just enjoy it or use it for screenshots or videos, etc... Lastly, the interior has working lights.

3. F-35B Lightning II

This F-35B Lightning II mod adds the latest fighter jet of the United States to GTA 5, in the VTOL configuration. All VTOL hatches and engines work, giving it a nice and realistic look. You can open the internal weapon bays with a trainer, since I have made them as car doors. Inside are 2 JDAM bombs and 4 AMRAAMs on external hardpoints, as well as 2 Sidewinders.

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The glass can be shattered by bullets, bulletholes are visible, the model is dirt mapped and includes 3 different skins (liveries). The afterburner engine effect moves together with the VTOL thruster as well. This is a model converted from Battlefield 3.

4. Antonov AN-225 Mriya

The AN-225 Mriya (Dream) was the largest plane ever in service. The real-life version was just destroyed a few months ago, however.

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This mod comes with its current Antonov Airlines livery. You can open the nose, lower the cargo ramp, open three doors (two upper flight deck doors and one cargo hold door) and deploy the thrust reversers. This plane is so big it can fit a truck with a trailer just fine. Additionally, vehicles tend not to fall out due to it not having a rear ramp. All six engines work alongside functional gauges and fans in the cockpit.

5. AH-64D Longbow Apache

This mod adds the AH-64D Longbow Apache (the US Army's main attack helicopter) into GTA V. This mod replaces the Savage from the Heist DLC (custom handling included). The exterior has normal maps for enhanced detail and 2048x2048 textures. The rotor textures are blurred when the engine is on, both pilot doors open up and you can also open both engine covers of the turbines.

9ca599 Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot 2018 03 16 22

The cockpit is detailed and features illuminated screens at night. The flight stick is working as well, alongside the landing gear suspension and the wheels. When destroying the helicopter, the tail can break off, bullet holes are visible and the glass can be shot.

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