Weaponized Vehicles are a huge part of GTA Online at the moment with tons of options for players to choose from. These vehicles are really fun to play thanks to their unique traits. While the best Weaponized Vehicles will vary from person to person, here is the list of the top 5 Weaponized Vehicles you should definitely check out.

1. Scramjet

The Scramjet provides you with machine guns and missiles, which are standard weapons. What makes it stand out is its 2 abilities to jump and boost. You can use these 2 abilities at the same time, creating some pretty amazing maneuvers. While it is not the strongest vehicle in the game, you will definitely have some great fun driving it.

The Scramjet is just super fun to drive.

2. Thruster Jetpack

A personal jetpack is just always super cool and luckily, we have the Thruster Jetpack in GTA Online. It is a compact device with JATO that allows you to accelerate fast. Since it is a jetpack, it will be lacking in the defensive department. The Chaff and Flare countermeasures will help you a little bit, but I wouldn't count too much on it.

Thruster Jetpack
The Thruster Jetpack is a cool way to go around in GTA Online.

3. Avenger

The Avenger is among the sturdiest vehicles in GTA Online. It is basically a flying tank with thick armor and a strong weapon arsenal, including A cannon, Turrets, Bombs (Explosive, Incendiary, Gas, and Cluster).

The Avenger can also be used to store your vehicles temporarily, which is quite convenient. This is a great vehicle that is both fun and pratical to use.

You are going to feel super safe in this flying fortress.

4. Invade and Persuade Tank

While the design of this tank is somewhat cute, it is pretty much an unstoppable force in GTA Online. It is an RC (Remote Control) vehicle with bulletproof armor and great explosive resistance. This means no NPCs in the game can stand a chance against it. Its ability allow to jump up a great distance.

The weapons arsenal of this tank includes Machine Gun, Flamethrower, Charged Rockets, and Plasma Cannon, all of which are super fun to use and are useful for different situations.

Tank Gta Online
The Invade and Persuade Tank is the best RC vehicle in GTA Online.

5. Oppressor Mk II

Oppressor Mk II is the best vehicle in GTA Online because it is easy to use and it is powerful. It is a flying bite with great mobility and small size so you can go virtually anywhere with ease. Players can choose between machine guns or homing missiles for offensive purposes. If you are looking for a vehicle that can handle every content in GTA Online then this is the one.

It is also not too hard to obtain the Oppressor Mk II in GTA Online. You can get it at a price of as low as $3 million.

Opressor Mk Ii
The Oppressor Mk II is no doubt the most useful vehicle in GTA 5.

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