GTA Online has been around for almost 10 years. While there's plenty of fun to be had in the game, there are a number of things that need improvements. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 things Rockstar should improve in GTA Online.

1. Too much grinding

With GTA Online being an old game, there have been numerous patches and content updates since its release. Amongst them, old multiplayer content such as Arena Wars is the worst, as they are super grindy. They are just not worth the time of players, and since the game requires multiple players to participate, it is just impossible sometimes.

Tractor Gtav Front
Players need to win 1000 matches in Arena War to get this vehicle.

Rockstar should definitely overhaul the older content to get more people to participate. Cutting down the grind would be the best way to do this. Thus far, there have been only a few worthwhile changes, such as Nightclubs and MC Businesses becoming more profitable.

2. Pointless driving missions

GTA Online still frequently includes a lot of pointless driving missions, which involve players driving from one area to another for several minutes. This type of content is boring and time-consuming, especially if players are in a Public session. At least some missions can still be done in Invite Only sessions.

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Some driving missions force you to use bad vehicles.

This is one of the few weaknesses of a big in-game world. They are not always better than a small one.

3. Bad anti-cheat

There are way too many modders and cheaters in the PC version of GTA Online. It is overall an easy platform to cheat on, which makes crossplay impossible. Console players would probably be decimated by cheaters.


This is why Rockstar should definitely invest in a better anti-cheat. Considering GTA Online is one of the most profitable games in the world to date, there's not much of an excuse for its security being so laughably bad. Some PC players are even resorting to hacks to protect themselves from other hackers.

4. Movement options

GTA 5 is an old game, and that's why it lacks the modern movement options that new games have. For example, in other games characters can parkour on top of obstacles, but GTA characters need to walk around them. Overall in GTA Online sprinting can be okay, but some other options (like rolling while aiming) feel sluggish.

GTA Online definitely needs more dynamic movement options.

Rockstar should definitely work on these alternative movement methods in order to make the gameplay more free and dynamic.

5. Bland car interiors

With the name of the game being Grand Theft AUTO, vehicles are obviously the most important things that the devs should work on. They have been doing that pretty well, except for the vehicle interiors. Usually, even if you are driving a supercar, its interiors are often bland and cheap.

811 Gtao Dashboard
Expensive cars need better interiors.

This is because Rockstar usually recycles the interiors between multiple vehicles instead of creating new ones. While this is not a big problem for normal players, bland car interior is rather jarring for people who play the game in first person POV. It is unrealistic to have a million dollar car with an unremarkable interior.

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