While it is more efficient to just use the fastest or most useful vehicles every time, they get boring pretty quickly. To deal with this problem, GTA Online players can buy some "memes" or fun vehicles to play around with. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 fun vehicles to try out in GTA Online.

1. Phantom Wedge

The Phantom Wedge, as the name implies, is a modified version of the Phantom with a large, defensive metal wedge added to the front to ram vehicles. Stat wise, the Phantom Wedge is an upgrade over its regular counterpart, as it has better acceleration and top speed.

Phantomwedge Gtao Frontquarter

In comparison with the Ramp Buggy or the Armored Boxville, the Phantom Wedge is better. Not only can it hit small vehicles with ease, but it can also dispatch other heavy vehicles with no problem.

The only weakness of the Phantom Wedge is that the wedge makes the vehicle much longer than usual. This means navigating through tight spaces like alleyways, buildings, and other similar environments would be tricky.

2. Deathbike

The Arena Wars update is often overlooked due to its unpopularity, and so are its vehicles. Amongst them, the Deathbike is probably the best. It is moderately useful, with a top speed of 150.00 mph (241.40 km/h), along with decent armor and weapons.

Apocalypsedeathbike Gtao Front

However, the best part about the Deathbike is that it can be upgraded into three different variants, each with its own aesthetics. They all look very cool and unique, which would be a great addition to the usual boring lobby.

3. Ramp buggy

The BF Ramp Buggy is a custom ramp car featured in GTA Online as part of the Import/Export update. Players can use the Ramp buggy to drive into other vehicles and send them flying up in the air. It is a heavily-customized Dune Buggy, with the same look and purpose as the Flip Car used in Fast and Furious 6.

Ramp buggy

However, using the Ramp buggy effectively is pretty hard, as it only has average speed and acceleration due to the extra weight.

4. TM-02 Khanjali

With vehicles like the Oppressor MK2 being very plentiful, Tanks are just obsolete in GTA Online. However, the Khanjali is still a blast to use - it is a better version of the Rhino, with the capability of carrying 4 people.

Tm02khanjali Gtao Front

The vehicle is equipped with a tank cannon and a remote machine gun turret resembling a Browning M2HB .50 caliber machine gun. It can be also modified to have two remote grenade launchers (which seem to be based on the concept weapons depicted in the real-life iteration), while the main cannon can be replaced with a Coil railgun cannon with similar features to the hand-held version, albeit having seven large coils.

5. Thruster

Thruster more or less inherits the role of the legendary Jetpack in GTA San Andreas. It is a fun vehicle that allows players to freely fly around. Piloting the Thruster is comparable to piloting a Buzzard or a Havok, as it is light, fast and versatile. The player can almost squeeze through areas that a helicopter cannot reach.

Thruster Gtao Front

Players can equip the thrusters with dual weapons mounted on small stub wings. It is possible to choose between three-barreled .50 caliber Miniguns and missile launchers.

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