Despite being 10 years old, GTA 5 is still just as good as modern games due to the updates from both Rockstar and the modding community. Amongst GTA 5 mods, weapons are probably the most important, as players use them constantly. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 10 best weapon mods for GTA 5 story mode.

1. Realistic Guns Sounds/Realistic Weapon Sounds

While GTA 5 is decent in the sound department, only the sounds made by people are good. Weapon sounds, on the other hand, are bad and unrealistic. This is where the Realistic Gun/Weapons Sounds mods come in.

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Having real sound makes the game much more immersive.

These mods extracted the sounds of gunshots from games like Far Cry 4 or Battlefield 4, movies and even real weapons and implement them into GTA 5. With either of these two mods installed, players should get a much more authentic experience in gunfights. The sounds of explosions are also improved, delivering an experience similar to urban combat.

2. Max Payne 3 Glock [Animated]

The Glock is one of the most famous weapons in the US. However, due to the fact that the GTA games are set in a fictional universe, fans cannot use this gun in the game. This mod fix this problem by adding the Max Payne 3 Glock into GTA 5, in a fully animated state.

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The starter weapon is much better looking now.

The gun is optimized for and replaces the M9-inspired default pistol. There is also an extended magazine included as an attachment.

3. M4A1 [Animated]

Similar to the Glock, the M4A1 is also a very popular weapon. It is included in many shooter franchises, including Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. This mod adds the M4A1 to the game in all its animated glory. Unlike the Glock mod, M4A1 [Animated] from blade125 was based on the real life version of the gun.

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The M4A1 modded looks pretty crazy.

The mod features 3 sight variations, 2 magazine variations and a high-quality model of 15k polygons.

4. Ripplers Realism

Apparently, a lot of weapons in GTA 5 are a little off compared to their real life counterparts. This mod aims to fix that issue - it tweaks a lot of details so that every single firearm and launcher feels more immersive. The modder also tweaked some vehicles as well.

59e99a Ripplers Realism Cover 3
Realism in combat makes gunfights much more challenging

The biggest additions are muzzle effects. The mod adds muzzle effects to weapons that didn't have them the barrel will smoke for a longer time after sustained fire.

5. Ultimate Battlefield Weapons Pack

If players just want to add more weapons to GTA 5, the Ultimate Battlefield Weapons Pack is probably one of the top choices. This mod features a whopping 124 weapons so far, taken from Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline.

66c88f Gta5 Mods Images Head
The ultimate weapon pack adds a huge number of guns.

The quality of the weapons is not as great as the above mods, as none of them have animations.

6. Forest's Mega Weapon Pack

Forest's Mega Weapon Pack is a compilation of high-quality weapons from multiple modders in the last few years. The reason that the pack is rather low on this list is that it is no longer getting updated.

D7e6e4 V6finale
Forest's pack add guns from other video games.

The pack includes a lot of customized weapons from other game franchises, such as the Halo Reach DMR, Fallout 4 Laser Pistol, Gears of War Lancer Rifle... and more.

7. Refined Weapons and Gameplay

This is another realism mod that aims to bring players the best experience. It overhauls pretty much all aspects of GTA 5 combat, from weapons to AI to gameplay and even special features.

20edd9 Gtavfeature
Another gameplay refinement mod - it makes your GTA 5 experience much more authentic.

Recoil has been increased and the intensity depends on what type of weapon it is. Each weapon's damage has been modified in regard to its caliber, which results in a highly realistic experience. Combat efficiency is modified, giving gangs more reckless behavior while cops use strategy.

8. Real Flamethrower

Flamethrower has not been a part of GTA since the day of San Andreas. This mod aims to fix this issue, by adding a real flamethrower that can release a fairly authentic flame effect. This weapon is perfect for fooling around, as it is actually quite fascinating to just incinerate pedestrians as they walk around minding their own business.

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The flamethrower looks fairly decent in-game.

9. Real Weapons V

This mod implements a couple of weapons from Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. They are all iconic guns (AK, M4A1, Dragunov) and each of them comes with full animation + 2K textures for all components.

Db1cc9 Wallpaper
Real weapons from the CoD series look really powerful.

As this mod adds weapons instead of changing existing ones, players can just add it to the game alongside other weapon mods.

10. Max Payne 3 AK-47

This mod adds the AK-47 of Max Payne 3 converted to GTA V with support for animations. It is optimized for the assault rifle slot. Overall, the animations and details of this mod are super good looking, but it might be rather glitchy if players install more attachments.

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The AK 47 is a legendary gun.

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