It is the best time to purchase special cargo warehouses in GTA Online, as they are getting a whopping 30% discount. Amongst them, the large warehouses are the most efficient, as they have space for 111 crates. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 large special cargo warehouse locations in GTA Online.

As players can only buy a maximum of five warehouses, picking up the right ones is important. You must be the CEO of an organization and own an Office in order to buy a Warehouse via the SecuroServ Special Cargo Network, which can be accessed at the computer on the desk in the office.

1. Darnel Bros

Location: La Mesa, East Los Santos.

Price: $3,500,000


The most expensive warehouse in the game and also the best. It is easy to access, has lots of space to land the helicopter, and is close to pickup locations. The closer location allows players to go off the radar at a low cost, and when they come back on radar it would be too late for anyone to stop, unless they are waiting in front of the warehouse. In this case, players should be able to detect enemies first and handle them appropriately.

2. Walker and Sons

Location: Banning, South Los Santos

Price: $3,040,000

Warehouses Gtao Large Banning Walker26sonswarehous

Being one of the most expensive warehouses in GTA Online, the Walker and Sons warehouse is placed in a very convenient location. Players can save a lot of time and get to the next mission quickly, as it is in the center of the map and near mission locations. Furthermore, you can land a Buzzard next to the door.

If you are ever driving back from the west side/right side of the map (Del Perro, e.g.), take the river near the marina. There is an exit that will dump you on the street, right by the entrance road to this warehouse (by the train tracks). As the Pacific Ocean is not that far away, escaping is fairly easy.

3. Logistics Depot

Location: La Mesa, East Los Santos

Price: $2,600,000

Warehouses Gtao Large Lamesa Logisticsdepot

Logistics Depot has ample vehicle spawn points, which allow players to land a buzzard. It is also easily accessible. While the GPS is kinda wacky leading you through the longer route, you should get accustomed to taking the shorter route after a while - just coming in at the front rather than entering through the rear and going around to the drop point.

4. Xero Gas Factory

Location: Los Santos International AirportSouth Los Santos

Price: $2,365,000

Xero Gas Factory is a decent place for South Los Santos. Its location makes some of the more annoying missions trivial. If you have a plane sell mission, the warehouse is closer to LSIA. On the other hand, if you have that annoying Marquis buy mission, it is also easily accessible from the water.

Warehouses Gtao Large Lsia Xerogasfactory

The only problem with it is that landing a helicopter here is difficult due to the circle being under an overhang.

5. Wholesale Furniture

Location: Cypress Flats, East Los Santos

Price: $1,900,000

Wholesale Furniture is great because it has plenty of wide open space and easy access from the freeway. It is also the cheapest warehouse in the game. The drawback of this location is that the corona is a little too close to a lamppost and the small canopy, which makes last-minute manoeuvering for a heli drop a little harder than it should be.

Warehouses Gtao Large Cypressflats Wholesalefurnit

You can park your Terrorbyte halfway between it and Logistics Depot to source back and forth. It's better than Bilgeco at the airport or Cypress Flats, which is behind a gate.

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