GTA 5's popularity has remained steady for years due to a big community of modders supporting the game. They regularly release new mods for all sorts of things, from vehicles to weapons and even buildings. Amongst them, the most commonly modded targets are safehouses. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 6 best Safehouse mods for GTA V in 2022.

1. Galileo Michael Mansion

The Galileo Michael Mansion is the highest-rated safehouse mod for GTA 5. It is a giant compound with multiple swimming pools, garage, helipad, and even a tennis court and a yoga spot.

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Overall, it completely overhauls the way Michael lives, as you’ll find his family as well as Trevor and Franklin over there paying him a visit. Players can find them in the heist plotting room.


2. Franklin Mega Garage

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This mod gives Franklin a gigantic showroom garage compound, with new rooms on the roof. As Franklin is a car fanatic in the story, the Franklin Mega Garage is fairly lore friendly. Below are the main attraction of this mod:

  • Rooftop garage for up to 50 cars (3 floors)
  • New bedroom with 360° city view and Skyview
  • Gym with stunning views over the city
  • Home cinema
  • Outdoor TV areas
  • Chill areas on the big roof terrace
  • Pool with new lights and overall new look
  • Office, billiard, BBQ, etc

3. Bel Air Billionaire

Another mansion on the hill - the Bel Air Billionaire mod differentiates itself from the others by using a different architectural style. Everything looks a lot more modern - it also comes with all the amenities that a modern structure can offer.

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The upstair section has the same theme as Galileo Michael Mansion, with a lot of pools, rooms to showcase luxurious cars, a helipad and an indoor pool. The lighting of the place is done fairly well, making the Bel Air Billionaire looks great for nighttime screenshots.

4. Highfield Mansion

The Highfield mansion is probably the biggest house on this list. It is a huge compound with lots of storage spaces for vehicles, including planes, cars and helicopters. While the building itself doesn't have as many amenities as the others, the compound has a unique airport ramp that allows players to land and take off all kinds of planes.

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5. A True Boss Hollywood Mansion

Did you feel like something was missing in Franklin's house? Well, this mod solves everything by adding various objects, including various NPC's, a helipad on the roof of the house, a slightly modified garage, interior, etc.

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It also has all the amenities of a typical luxurious mansion, like a rooftop gym with a hot tub and even a casino.

6. Franklin's Party Lounge Deluxe

There are a lot of new improvements, from the completely overhauled Pool area with 200+ more objects to animals and even a parking lot and helipad on the roof. A lot of walls and fences are added to create the best mansion possible.

 Franklin's place
The mod completely overhauled Franklin's place and turn it into a massive penthouse.

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