GTA San Andreas is one of the best games in the entire series. Many fans considered it to be a cult classic, with a much better plot and missions than GTA 5. With the Definitive Edition coming out last year, fans are replaying San Andreas again. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 most iconic missions in San Andreas that players absolutely cannot miss.

1. Freefall

This mission pretty much cemented CJ's badassery. Salvatore Leone wants him to kill some Forelli gang hitmen before they even have the chance to land in Las Venturas. CJ decided to follow the request to the letter and steal a small plane to meet the rival jet in mid-air.

Free Fall Gtasa

Afterward, CJ jumps out and infiltrates the other plane. He takes control of the plane and lands it after killing everyone onboard. Overall, with the story of San Andreas being somewhat grounded, having a Hollywood-style mission like Freefall is definitely refreshing.

2. Reuniting the Families

In this mission, a meeting with all the Grove Street gangs goes awry. CJ must rescue Sweet from inside a motel while getting attacked by cops.

Reuniting The Families

The best part of this mission is the chase afterward, with a rail shooting segment filled with awesome moments. It took a lot of inspiration from chasing scenes in 80-90s movies such as Terminator 2 and Con Air. The climax of the race involving the player doing a massive jump through a billboard, followed by a massive explosion. It is the biggest mission of San Andreas up to that point.

3. Saint Mark's Bistro

This is the final mission for CJ from Salvatore Leone. In this mission, players get to go outside of San Andreas to Liberty City. Their job is to eliminate Marco Forelli, the one behind the assassin squad sent in the previous mission. CJ arrives in Saint Mark's Bistro and eliminates all the mobsters there.

Saint Mark Bistro

Realizing the opportunity to free Paul, Maccer and Rosenberg, Carl asks Salvatore to let him take the three as back-up, to which Salvatore agrees, due to him thinking that Carl would kill them. Overall, players love this mission because they get to visit Liberty City again.

4. The Da Nang Thang

This is one of the more unique missions in San Andreas, which involve players taking over a big boat. After directly attacking the boat by sweeping over it with a helicopter, the player crash down and lose all their weapons. They must find new guns while fighting on the boat.

Da Nang Thang

Carl boards the ship and kills several Da Nang Boys until he finds the prisoners and frees them. Afterward, he makes his way to the Da Nang Boys' leader, The Snakehead, for a final showdown.

5. End Of The Line

The final mission of the game is one of the biggest and most memorable. Players can trigger it after taking over a number of gang territories in the city. In this quest, CJ mounts a big assault into the building where Big Smoke is hiding, after shooting his way through all the gangsters, Carl comes face to face with the man he once trusted and eliminates him.

End Of The Line Gta

Afterward, Tenpenny tries to kill CJ but failed. He flees and then the rest of the missions become a chase where you hunt down the dirty cop while he's driving a firetruck.

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