Minecraft is an open-world game where players try their best to survive from the scratch in a harsh environment. Apart from knowing what to do in the game, players also need to know how to manage their resources and make use of hotkeys to make the grind faster.

Combining hotkeys with your mouse will make perform extensive actions within seconds. Minecraft is also adding more and more hotkeys into the game to improve the play experience for players. Here are the top 5 hotkeys you should know in Minecraft.

1) Ctrl + Q - Drop a full stack of items

Normally, you can only drop one item at a time from your inventory. So if you are trying to drop a large number of items, it will take quite a lot of time, and boring repetitive actions. Instead, players can just click on a stack of items and press the "Ctrl + Q" combination on the keyboard to drop the whole stack all at once.

This hotkey is super convenient especially if you are trying to speed run the game.

clear inventory minecraft
You can drop a full stack of items in Minecraft quickly.

2) Shift + Right-Click - Craft items in bulk

Crafting is a fundamental part of Minecraft. This is the main way for you to get higher quality material and new items. "Shift + Right-Click" is a combination that will help you put a large number of materials into the crafting table quickly, which saves a lot of time if you are trying to craft the same item repeatedly.

3) F3 + B - Reveal Hitboxes

Every entity in Minecraft has a hitbox, which is an invisible frame. Entity interacts with each other only when their hitbox collides with each other. The problem is not all entity has the same hitbox as their appearance. You can use the "F3 + B" to show the real hitboxes of everything in Minecraft.

Hitbox Minecraft
You can reveal the hitbox of everything in Minecraft.

4) F5 - Toggle cameras between FPP and TPP

The default perspective in Minecraft is FPP (first-person perspective). However, not many players know that you can freely switch between FPP and TPP (third-person perspective) in Minecraft. Both of the modes are useful in different situations in the game so players need to know how to switch between both of them.

5) F3 + Q - List of all F3 keybinds

There are still a lot of helpful hotkeys in Minecraft that will make your playing experience much better. You don't have to know all of them. But you should know the ones that you might find yourself using a lot. Here is the list of all F3 hotkeys in Minecraft.1-9 Number Keys – Displays a more detailed view of the graph on the right

  • Shift + F3 - Display profiler graph
  • F3 + Q - Displays help menu that lists all debug menu shortcuts
  • F3 + A - Reloads all chunks
  • F3 + T - Reloads all textures, sounds, and web-loaded client resources. This is useful for texture pack creators.
  • F3 + P - Toggle the auto-pause when the window is out of focus
  • F3 + H - Toggle detailed item descriptions
  • F3 + C - Hold this key for 10 seconds to trigger a manual debug crash, after the keys are released.
  • F3 + B - Toggle Showing hitbox around entities
  • F3 + D - Clear chat history, including previous commands
  • F3 + N - Cycles between spectator mode and the previous game mode.
  • F3 + G - Show the chunk boundaries immediately surrounding the player.

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