Minecraft features a plethora of minerals, metals, and ores. Most of them do exist in real life such as lapis lazuli, diamonds, and gold. However, redstone is the in-game exclusive item that you can use for a ton of purposes.

Players can spend hours building their Redstone design and eventually end up with extremely breathtaking and useful structures. For those who wonder what they can do with Redstone, you can find some of the most impressive Redstone builds in Minecraft here.

Redstone Build
What are the most useful Redstone builds in Minecraft?

1. Underwater base

You will have to swim a bit in order to reach this design’s entrance. Do not worry about the dark as the path to this underwater base is lit up with glowstone.

Its entrance is created with glass blocks which you can shift aside using the push of a button. A lot of doors like that can be seen in the design.

However, the highlight of this build is a room with lava beneath. You can start and stop the flow also using a button.

Underwater Redstone Cave
Gather some Redstones before you set up this design.

2. Redstone Christmas tree

Christmas inspires a lot of players to build their own holiday-spirit design. Redstone can be used in this case to create a striking Christmas tree.

You can follow this builder and put some Redstone blocks close to the tree, hence keeping a constant supply of Redstone signals. The tree’s lighting up is controlled by the duration it stays in the game.

Redstone Xmas Tree
Stunning and cute.

It is the design like this that proves finding some Redstone and stocking up on it are never too bad.

3. Nightclub

Another special pick amongst the best Redstone builds in Minecraft is a nightclub. This design has lightning controlled by some Redstone circuits in the walls.

As you go into the nightclub using a secret entrance, you will see a huge Creeper head on the wall. Moreover, Redstones set light to all sources in the structure.

Fireworks, mob heads, and other items also exist in this build.

4. Cliff Redstone house

This base is creatively done and it is placed inside a mountain. During the relatively long process of exploration in this base, you can figure out that a lot of various components are controlled by Redstone circuits.

Namely, the design features multiple secret rooms with the Redstone door control. You can even find a Redstone elevator to go up and down in your own basement.

On another hand, you can find an inside-mountain design in the best wooden house builds.

Cliff Redstone House
A redstone house lying inside the mountain.

5. Item sorter

Cabins can be one of the cutest builds in Minecraft, but the most creative title belongs to item sorters. They look special and they help you save a load of time in the game.

Looking at this build, we have a traditional item using an item elevator. Both of these main features are designed with Redstone.

You can totally add more details to this kind of build to make it look as aesthetic and neat as you want.

Redstone builds in Minecraft

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