Flying mobs are one of the most annoying mob types in Minecraft.  They are often hostile and are harder to kill than usual, due to their ability to bypass the terrain. However, they are also highly useful - some of them have great drops while others have unique features that no other mobs have.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 most useful flying mobs in Minecraft 1.19.

1. Ghast

A ghast is a large white floating ghost-like hostile mob in the Nether that shoots explosive fireballs at the player. A direct hit deals 6 projectile damage from the impact, and up to 9,  17 or 25 explosion damage from the blast, depending on difficulty.

Overall, Ghasts are one of the most annoying mobs in the game if players don't have a ranged weapon to deal with them. While deflecting a fireball back to the Ghast is an option, it can be tricky when facing multiple ones.

Minecraft Ghast 2
It can be pretty annoying to deal with Ghasts in Minecraft.

Ghast tears can be used to create an end crystal, which in turn can be put on the End fountain to respawn the Ender Dragon. Upon destruction, end crystals explode with a power of 6. It can deal up to 127.5 damage at hard, which is even higher than a Wither explosion.

2. Blazes

Blazes are floating hostile mobs found in nether fortresses, and are the only source of blaze rods. These rods are essential in brewing and can serve as fuel for both brewing and smelting. Furthermore, blaze powder (from rods) is the other ingredient to create the eye of ender that leads the player to the End.

Blazes target players within 48 blocks. If a blaze is damaged by a player or other mob, it alerts other blazes within 48 blocks to target the attacker.‌

Blazes in Minecraft are technically a flying mob but in game they only hover around.

It is actually pretty easy to farm blazes in Minecraft. Players can find blaze spawners inside nether fortresses. Using these spawners, players can create a blaze rod farm in Minecraft.

3. Phantom

Phantoms are flying undead hostile mobs that spawn when the player has not slept or died for three or more in-game days. Phantoms drop 0–1 phantom membrane when killed by a player or tamed wolf. Looting increases the maximum drops by 1 per level, for a maximum of 4 with Looting III. Phantom membranes can be used in an anvil to repair elytra.

Phantom Membrane
Players need phantom membranes to repair elytra

Phantom is rather tricky to farm, as they only spawn after one real-world hour. There are a couple of methods to farm them, and the best one is probably cobwebs traps.

Cats hiss at phantoms that are currently attacking players, and phantoms try to stay at least 16 blocks away from them. In Bedrock Edition, phantoms also avoid ocelots in the same manner.

4. Parrot

Overall, Parrot is a great decorative pet mob, with the ability to fly and follow the player. They are also very colorful - players can tell them to sit in certain spots as decoration. Just remember to name them with a nametag so that they do not despawn.

A player can have one parrot on each shoulder. A tamed parrot will try to fly to and perch on the player's shoulder unless it has been told to sit.

How To Breed Parrots In Minecraft
A parrot on a shoulder cannot take any damage

Parrots dance near a jukebox if a music disc is inside it. In bedrock, it can even dance on players' shoulders. The dancing radius is 3 blocks from the jukebox. They can also imitate the idle sounds of nearby hostile and certain neutral mobs (including the hiss of creepers for example). This ability has a range of 20 blocks (cubical).

In Java Edition, attempting to feed a parrot a cookie instantly kills it, emitting Poison particles as it dies. In Bedrock Edition, feeding a cookie to a parrot gives it fatal poison instead.

5. Bee

Bees that have pollen pollinate wheat, potatoes, carrots, beetroots, melon stems, pumpkin stems, berry bushes, and cave vines they fly over. When one of these plants gets pollinated, it advances to another growth stage, similar to using bone meal.

Minecraft Bees
Bee nests in Minecraft

The main resources you get from bee nests are honeycomb and honey, which have a number of uses:

  • Honey is a great remedy for poison. Unlike milk, they do not remove other buffs or debuffs. They can be crafted into sugar or honey blocks. Honey blocks are sticky transparent blocks that can slow entities, similar to soul sand and slime block. They also reduce fall damage by 80% and drag along adjacent blocks + creatures when moved by pistons.
  • Honeycombs are usually used to duplicate bee hives. Four honeycombs can be crafted into a honeycomb block, which is mainly used for decoration. Additionally, honeycombs can also be used to make candles and to preserve copper blocks from (further) oxidation.

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