Minecraft is a big open world and players will spend most of their time moving around in game. As inventory space is limited, inexperienced players might have to waste time moving back and forth between their base and where they gather resources.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to show case the 7 fastest ways to travel long distances in Minecraft 1.19.

1. Riding Horses

This is probably the easiest method that you can do immediately in the early game. Horses can be found in plain and savanna biomes and can be tamed by mounting them until they produce heart particles.

Minecraft Horses
Horse stats are random - a horse with high stats in all categories makes a useful, tough mount for traversing rough terrain

However, there is a bit of randomness involved - players need to acquire a saddle from village chests in order to control horses.

2. Riding Donkey/Mules and Llamas

Donkeys are nearly identical to horses, however, they exchange slower speed with the ability to carry items. The extra 15 slots allow players to gather more resources to transfer to their base. Players can breed donkeys with horses to create mules, which retain the ability to carry chests but has higher speed.

Llama Food
Leading a llama signals up to 9 other llamas to follow each other.

Llamas are useless for moving around from place to place, but they can carry a lot of items in chests. If players want to gather a lot of resources for structures, a llama convoy can definitely solve this problem.

3. Flying with Elytra

The Elytra wings are a high-end item that only spawns in end ships, which in turn can be found hovering over end cities. Those cities are on the outer end islands, 1000 blocks away from the central end island. The player can get to the outer end islands through the End gateway, which can only be accessed after defeating the Ender Dragon.

6 Elytra Flight
Players can increase their flying with the use of firework rockets to propel themselves in any direction.

The Elytra's ability to fly depends on its durability, as it decreases by one point each second when gliding. A pair of Elytra has 432 durability, which equates to 7 minutes and 12 seconds of gliding. This results in about 10,000 blocks of distance.

4. Minecarts

Minecarts and rails are probably one of the best systems to use if players want to connect their bases. They transport players and entities without the need for any input, however, players need to create a rail system to the location first.

Minecart With Furnace Ingame
Transporting blocks using Minecart.

It is quite expensive to create a longer rail system - players need 6 iron ingots and a stick to get 16 rails. An iron golem farm is a must have if you want to get enough resources.

Powered rails are even more expensive - they require gold ingots instead of iron, and players also need to add one piece of redstone dust. They are the best to use on your rail lines, as powered rails have the ability to increase the speed of a moving minecart in the direction it is already moving.

5. Boats and ice roads

Sliding on ice roads with a boat is actually one of the fastest methods of travel in the game. When boats are on any variant of ice blocks, they can be controlled as easily as if they were in water, and can travel at immense speeds thanks to the slippery nature of the ice.

Ice Bridge
This method requires a bit of preparation to be effective.

The speed of the boat can be changed based on the ice variant the player use. Normal ice is the slowest, with packed ice being in the middle, and blue ice being the fastest option.

6. Nether portal

The Nether portal is actually an easy method to literally teleport between bases. Whenever a player walks about one block in the Nether, they walk about eight blocks in the Overworld in the same direction. This means a combination of the Nether portal with any of the other transportation methods can allow players to travel between bases in the Overworld at 1/8 the time.

Nether Portal
Be careful, as if you are close enough to your original nether portal you will be transported back to it.

The downside of this method is that it is fairly costly. Players need a lot of resources to create multiple nether portals and connect them together.

7. Soul Sand + Soul Speed boots

Soul Sand is a special block in the Nether that slows players' movement speed. However, if they have a pair of boots enchanted with soul speed, this debuff is reversed. Players can move 61.5% faster on Soul Sand with Soul Speed III (compared with moving on the normal ground).

Soul Sand
Obtaining the soul speed enchantment is quite tricky - players need to trade with piglins.

Therefore, to make this work, players only need to build a 1-block-wide road from point A to point B with Soul Sand/Soil and just sprint on it with the 60% extra speed.

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