The GTA Series from Rockstar is not designed with any single protagonists in mind. With each new game, the developer introduces new protagonists alongside their own support cast of characters. Very few things carry over between each installment.

However, occasionally, a character will crop up in a few different games in the series. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best Recurring Characters In GTA Series.

5 - Patrick McReary (GTA 4, GTA 5, GTA Online)

Patrick McReary or Pat has been a great ally to GTA 4's protagonist Niko Belic. Other people might betray him, but not Pat. These two have pulled a lot of jobs together, which usually involves killing, stealing, and even kidnapping.

Pat and Niko
Patrick and GTA 4's protagonist Niko

Pat comes back in GTA 5 and its Online version as one of the 5 recurring characters in Grand Theft Auto series. This time, he is a pro gunman specialist that players can hire. He is very experienced and is definitely going to complete the job... at the cost of a bigger cut than normal. To unlock him, players need to trigger a random event called Getaway Driver.

4 - Salvatore Leone (GTA 3, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories)

Salvatore Leone is the Don of the Leone family, one of the biggest crime bosses in the GTA world. He regularly gives out missions to the protagonists of each game... and most of them involve going against rival organizations to keep the Leones on top.

Gta Leone Crime Family
The iconic mob boss in GTA HD universe

However, Salvatore is not exactly a good ally - both GTA 3's Claude and San Andreas's CJ eventually cut contact with the guy.

3 - Catalina (GTA 3, San Andreas)

Another character that involves GTA 3's Claude and San Andreas's CJ. In GTA San Andreas, she ditched CJ for Claude after a rampaging race... just to betray Claude afterward. That traitorous action actually kickstarts the plot of GTA 3, with Claude going on a rampage of revenge to hunt her down.

Catalina was fairly attractive

Catalina was killed by Claude at the end of GTA 3.

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2 - Lazlow Jones

Lazlow Jones, a media personality, has been a part of the GTA universe ever since GTA 3. Usually, he only exists in the form of his voice on the radio. However, in GTA 5, Lazlow finally made his real debut, doing inappropriate action to Michael de Santa's daughter Tracy.

Lazlow Jones
Lazlow Jones was a real-life Rockstar employee.

His ass was kicked by the protagonist afterward. Later, in GTA Online, he appears in the club owned by the players.

1 - Claude

Overall, as a protagonist, Claude is one of the most iconic characters in the GTA series. As mentioned above, he spent the whole game trying to get revenge on his traitorous girlfriend, Catalina. Before this, Claude has to face off against CJ, San Andreas' protagonist, in a race duel. This is the only crossover ever of a GTA protagonist.

Claude is canonically mute.

Above are top recurring characters in Grand Theft Auto series. Please check out this post to find out more about What Would Happen To GTA Online When GTA 6 Is Released.