Vehicles are an integral part of GTA 5 and its Online version. From weaponized cars to futuristic motorcycles and even mobile military bases, the game has just about everything. The absurd number of choices makes it fairly hard for players to pick a vehicle that is both powerful and mobile.

Overall, the Military line is probably the best for combat situations. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best military vehicles in GTA Online.

5 - Canis Crusader

The Canis Crusader is an off-road SUV that appears in GTA V and GTA Online. Due to its bulk, the Crusader only has average speed and acceleration... however, its smooth handling made up for that weakness.

Canis Crusader
Canis Crusader

You should be able to swerve through all obstacles in the city while under enemy fire - the Crusader can take a lot of punishments before getting blown up. It can be bought for $225,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

4 - Barracks Semi

The HVY Barracks Semi is a military semi-truck featured in GTA V and GTA Online. Unlike other heavy vehicles in GTA Online, the Barracks Semi has high top speed and acceleration. This is probably caused by the lack of a truck compartment on the back of the car.

Barracks Semi
Barracks Semi

Its strong and sturdy frame can take a lot of punishment from gunfire and rockets. Combine that with a decent speed and handling to create one of the best questing military vehicles in the game. The vehicle is found in a lot of locations on the map but cannot be bought.

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3 - APC

The HVY APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) is an armored assault vehicle featured in GTA Online, as part of the Gunrunning update. Similar to most large vehicles, the APC tank has low acceleration and moderate top speed. However, it made up for that weakness with very high armor, which can tank about 6 sticky bombs before exploding.

APC (Armored Personnel Carrier)

The turret on the APC is pretty powerful as well. One heavy gun at the front, one machine gun in the back, and you can even install a missile pack or proximity mines. It can be bought for $3,092,250 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

2 - Barrage

The HVY Barrage is a weaponized ATV featured in GTA Online as part of The Doomsday Heist update. Overall, it is one of the best off-road vehicles players can buy in GTA Online. The thing comes equipped with off-road wheels and high suspension, with the specialty of dealing with bumpy obstacles without losing speed.

HVY Barrage
HVY Barrage

Protection-wise, the Barrage is pretty strong, with heavy armors that can tank quite a few hits. It has a machine gun at the front, a minigun in the back, and can be further equipped with a rocket launcher. It can be bought for $2,121,350 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

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1 - Mammoth Thruster Jetpack

The Mammoth Thruster is a special vehicle featured in GTA Online as part of the Doomsday Heist update. While road vehicles are powerful and all, they still can't hold a candle when compared with the versatility that a flying vehicle brings. The Thrusters can also be equipped with two machine guns and rocket launchers.

Thruster Jetpack is one of the best military vehicles in GTA Online

The Thruster's acceleration and speed are very impressive - it also has the ability to maneuver in all directions, which a lot of flying vehicles lack. Overall, this is one of the best vehicles ever released in the GTA series. It can be bought for $3,657,500 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

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