While GTA Online isn't focused on gameplay like the usual shooters, it is still really challenging in its own way. Making your way through the free mode without getting harrassed by other players is pretty much impossible. This is why knowing how to do GTA Online PVP is important.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 tips and tricks you should keep in mind when fighting other players in GTA Online.

1 - Prepare long-range weapons

It is highly likely that fights in GTA Online would happen at long range, with players locked in a sniper battle against enemies. This is why you need to carry a heavy sniper at all times, with a Special Carbine as a backup if possible. These are the most cost-effective weapons for PVP in the game - you don't need fancy guns or vehicles.

The Heavy Sniper
The Heavy Sniper is very powerful in GTA Online PVP

2 - Try to get familiar with the Interaction Menu

Players need to practice open up the menu and replenish ammo/eat snacks as fast as possible. If you are under fire or locked in a battle, the ability to quickly access and use items in the Interaction menu is crucial. Dying repeatedly causes players to lose ammo and engaging in combat would chip down health little by little.

Interaction Menu
Try to practice using the Interaction Menu as much as possible!

Remember to stock up on snacks frequently as well.

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3 - Use roll frequently to dodge enemies attacks

You can roll by pressing the spacebar button while aiming - this is a quick movement that you can perform in the middle of combat. While it does not seem like much - rolling around would definitely cause enemies to miss a couple of shots. You can get to covers quicker as well. Overall, this is an underestimated move in GTA Online.

Combat Roll
Combat Roll is a great way to dodge enemies attacks.

4 - Avoid charging at your opponents

Similar to other shooters, running straight at your opponents is likely to get you killed. If you don't have a weapon with a range that can reach your foe, try to go zig-zag and confuse them with erratic movements like rolling.

Taking cover
Don't go straight towards your foe - try taking covers instead

You can also try to retreat from combat to lure enemies toward your location instead.

5 - Don't aim for the head

Aiming for the head is actually a pretty bad idea in GTA 5, as players probably would miss a lot of shots. The best area to aim for is the torso, and afterward, move slightly towards the head. Getting headshots might be easier in lobbies with auto-aim, but usually, people prefer the free-aim settings.

body shots in GTA Online
Try to get as many body shots as possible in GTA Online PVP!

Getting a headshot in free aim is much harder, as auto-aim automatically drags your cursor toward the head.

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