GTA 5 is one of the biggest and most extensively crafted open-world games ever made. There is so much content in this game that players need to complete it multiple times to be able to see it all. However, they can still miss some missions if they don't explore everything - in this list of GTA 5 missions, we are going to list out the top 10 easiest to miss quests in GTA 5 story mode.

Gta 5 Misssion List
GTA 5 mission list 2021

1 - Hidden Packages

There are 12 hidden packages placed all over the map of GTA 5. If you are in need of cash, just dive down on the following locations and grab them. The package with the highest amount of money is located in the northernmost part of Del Perro Beach. To get it, just grab a jet-ski, glide out then dive down to the sunken submarine below. The $25,000 would be in a suitcase near the sub's hatch.

A map with locations of all 12 hidden packages in GTA 5.

2 - Big Game Hunting

If you need to take a break from the usual grind of crime in San Andreas, just step into the vast wilderness as Trevor to hunt some wild, dangerous animals. Unlocks after the "Nervous Ron" quest, the protagonist will follow the hunting fanatic Cletus into the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness to pursue big games.

Hunting in GTA 5

A lot of the technicalities of real-life hunting are brought into this quest. It has everything from shooting upwind to avoid detection, placing bait to attract critters, going stealth... and more. Clean kill with heart shots would give you the maximum amount of points and unlock the "Master Hunter Challenge".

3 - Recruiting Packie

Patrick "Packie" McReary is a member of the McReary crime family and a character in GTA 4. To add Packie to your heist contact list, you need to complete the Getaway Driver quest near the Dollar Pills Pharmacy in Strawberry. Upon arrival, you would encounter McReary and his friend escaping in a robbery gone wrong. Just get any 4 wheels vehicle and take them to safety.

Packie McReary in GTA 5

From this point onward, McReary will be available for all heists, taking 12% of the cut.

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4 - Investigate the "Altruist Cult"

Trevor would sometimes find random San Andreas citizens who need assistance while driving on the map. Once they get into your vehicle, you can use them to explore the "Altruist Cult" mission by head up to Mount Chiliad.

The Cannibal Cult
The Cannibal Cult in GTA 5

Once the 4th victim is brought to the cult, Trevor himself will be kidnapped and the real mission begins. There are 4 briefcases of $25,000 each placed across the map - try to explore it all and pick them up. This is the most insidious quest in this list of GTA 5 missions.

5 - Complete all challenges in the shooting range

There are only 2 shooting ranges in Los Santos - they are part of two Ammu-Nation stores, one in Cypress Flats and another in Pillbox Hill. The shooting range missions increase the players' skill with weapons in GTA 5 and level up their shooting stat. Additionally, if the player manages to get all Gold medals, they would get a huge discount at all Ammu-nation stores in the city.

6 - Nuclear Waste

The Nuclear Waste mission opens up once the Merryweather Heist has been completed and the player has purchased the Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove. Using the submersible, you have to find the 30 barrels of nuclear waste scattered across the map. This is fairly similar to the "Hidden Packages" quest, but each barrel worth $23,000. The final reward of $250,000 is given after all barrels are picked up.

Nuclear Waste
The Nuclear Waste map

7 - The Epsilon Program

In this mission, the player is going to investigate yet another cult. To unlock the quest, Michael has to complete a series of evaluation tests on the Epsilon website. Each mission requires him to pay an increasingly large sum of money.

The Epsilon Cult
The Epsilon Cult in GTA 5

The best part about the Epsilon program is the high payout upon completion - $2,100,000 to be exact. This is the highest reward in this list of GTA 5 missions.

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8 - The Sasquatch

This is a recurring quest in the majority of Rockstar Games. In "The Last One" mission, Franklin's task is to hunt down the Sasquatch, a legendary creature hiding in the woods of Los Santos. Once it is discovered, the mission becomes a hide and seek game, with the extra danger of cougar encounters.

Hunting the Bigfoot

To get Gold, players need to shoot the Sasquatch 3 times before catching it, kill 4 animals and go to the site on foot.

9 - Death At Sea & What Lies Beneath

In this mission, the player needs to dive into shark-infested waters with sonar to investigate a mystery and find 30 pieces of a submarine. Upon completion, the player can steal an Asea, one of the rarest cars in the game.

The Dinghy is equipped with a sonar.

10 - From Beyond The Stars

After Fame or Shame is completed, Franklin will receive a mission from Omega, an alien theorist. You would be given the task of collecting 50 spaceship parts scattered all over the city of San Andreas. All of them are fairly well hidden and often inside buildings - which makes this super time-consuming.

Space Docker
The Space Docker in GTA 5

Once all the parts are collected, Omega gives you the Space Docker, the rarest vehicle in the game. This is probably the most tedious quest in this list of GTA 5 missions.

This is the end of our List Of GTA 5 Missions. Interested in more of our articles related to the GTA Series? Please check out this post to find out more about how to download GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas for free on Android.