Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA 5 is the blockbuster of 2013 with fantastic missions, plots, and even the excellent GTA 5 map.

This game broke the record of all previous bestseller games and became the hottest name in the game industry after a night. It brought Rockstar Games a large turnover of $800M only on the first day of launching and $1B in just three days.

GTA 5 map also earns lots of gamers’ praises for super high resolution and lifelike graphics. Map of GTA 5 will bring you the best gaming experience ever! Let’s see what we have here on the map of GTA V!

Gta 5 Map
Gta 5 Map

A super large GTA 5 map

The full map of gta 5 also the biggest map in the GTA game series, and even larger than the combined area of three previous maps of GTA 4, GTA San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption.  In such a vast map, game producers advice that you should not move too near the border of the GTA 5 full map. It is because you may die because the vehicles will stop running, planes will crash, or boats will sink in the sea.

However, if you’re skillful and lucky players, you’ll be safe.  As calculated by, the total area of GTA V maps is about 27.5 square miles, or 71.2 square kilometers, including both land and sea areas.

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A huge number of infrastructures

In map for gta 5, there are a lot of super detailed houses, buildings, facilities, etc., giving players the most wonderful and real experience. Coming to the map for gta 5, you can see and visit so many lifelike places, constructions, and things as what you see in real life.

Los Santos Police Station
Los Santos Police Station

There are 35 high-end apartments, 22 cargo ware houses, nine vehicle ware houses, four executive offices, 12 motorcycle club houses, ten night clubs in the busy city center of Los Santos County. In those spots, you can come and have a drink, enjoy the game, or complete your missions.

You also see bunkers, facilities, hangars, document forgery offices, weed farms, counterfeit cash factories, methamphetamine labs, cocaine lockups located around GTA 5 full map. Besides, you got up to 24 pegasus aircraft spawns and 58 personal plane spawns that help you move faster on such a large map.

Weed Farm In Gta 5 Map
Weed Farm In GTA 5 Map

Every detail in this GTA V map is so vivid that you’ll feel as if you were living in that world of the game. Players can find everything they need for the mission in those infrastructures and facilities.

A hand-made product

A big surprise is that the producer constructed GTA 5 map full manually. To build the world in GTA GTA 5, the art crews, led by Aaron Garbut, devoted an enormous effort in every single stage of production.

To create such a detailed Los Santos County on the map of GTA 5, a large crew of Rock Star staffs went to investigate Los Angeles and California many times. They took 250,000 photos and long videos about the life there. The staff even visited surrounding forests and deserts, learned the history, lifestyle, politics, and customs of the localities. Rock Star believes that life in GTA 5 can be more lively and exciting than the real California.

Los Santos County

Moreover, Aaron revealed that every detail in Los Santos County in the map on GTA 5 is created manually by excellent and talented painters. He wishes to create a giant but not an empty world.  And in such a vast map, they calculated carefully and located every tree, houses, blocks in its rightest position in this map.

Aaron stated that they didn’t copy and paste buildings; everything was drawn by hand. With these highlights, the GTA 5 map will surely bring you the best experience ever! With super detailed infrastructures, created by excellent producers, GTA 5 won’t let you down.

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