GTA 5 Military Hardware is an important Heist in GTA V. It is a prerequisite for The Paleto Score – the player must resolve it prior to taking the quest. You can unlock this mission using Michael De Santa.

Contents of the mission Military Hardware GTA 5

In this quest, the player is asked to catch a military car, which contains a duo of Crusaders and a Barracks. The convoy is passing through Grand Desert – with a final destination of Great Chaparral. For the job to be completed, the player must get their hand on two crates of gear inside a Barracks without getting caught. The goods would then need to be delivered to the meth lab behind Trevor’s office. The real mission will begin after the player report back to Lester with a call, which would lead to the heist.

gta 5 military hardware military hardware gta 5 gta v military hardware
Finish the rest of the enemies with headshots

The truck is rather special since it cannot be interacted with by another car – you can’t tow it with a Towtruck or be picked up with a Cargobob. HP wise, it can endure more punishment than the usual Barracks’, however, it is still very possible to lose the car if you are not careful. You can start the mission with a single wanted level, but it would be removed immediately afterward. In the mission, it is not possible to get any level unless the player tries to get into Fort Zancudo. Furthermore, Michael can escape to Los Santos during the mission without any further pursuit from Martin’s goons.

gta 5 military hardware military hardware gta 5 gta v military hardware
You can intercept the target convoy by foot

There are two routes that the convoy contains the GTA V Military Hardware would follow – one will be picked randomly whenever a new quest is started. The first route begins at the southern area of Harmony, based on Senora. The second route’s starting location is at Calafia Road and continues along the Zancudo River. Both routes will converge at the Fort Approach then head inside the base. The guards are not too heavily geared, as they only have Carbines and SMGs.

gta 5 military hardware military hardware gta 5 gta v military hardware
Stacking cars to block the military convoy is also an option

Gold Medal Objectives for GTA V military hardware mission

Head Hunter – Headshot five enemies

gta 5 military hardware military hardware gta 5 gta v military hardware
Getting to the ambush location with a car

Sticky Strategist – Using sticky bombs to stop the convoy

Instructional Messages – Keep the cargo intact

Tips for GTA 5 Military Hardware mission

It is recommended to place a sticky bomb trap and blow the first crusader up as it passes – for the second gold medal objective to be unlocked. The explosive also blew up some of the enemies, leaving you only two-third of the total. There are 5 enemies left after the first truck blew up, enough for the first gold medal objective to be unlocked.

gta 5 military hardware military hardware gta 5 gta v military hardware
Deliver the truck with the goods to the lab

The convoy’s paths involve getting through the rural countryside. It is possible that the player would get jumped by the local wildlife while waiting for the GTA 5 Military Hardware convoy to pass – cares must be taken, as distractions could lead to failure in getting the correct time for the sticky bomb trap. Worse, you could be blowing up some of the GTA V Military Hardware you were sent to collect.

If players are not confident in getting five consecutive headshots, they can make use of Trevor’s special ability to aid them in fulfilling the condition effectively.

It is possible to take out all the enemies before getting to the truck, as you can use Michael’s special ability in conjunction with a sniper rifle.

These are all the tips that we could provide about the GTA V Military Hardware quest. Interested in more of our GTA V articles? Check this list out for the top 10 most wanted features in GTA VI.