GTA 5 is a massively detailed game - there are just too many things scattered all over the map of Los Santos that you would never be able to visit them all. In this article, we are going to list out the top 10 GTA 5 Online secret locations you might have missed in your playthroughs.

1 - The frozen Alien in the prologue

The player is dropped right in the middle of a bank heist at the beginning of the game. Afterward, they have to escape the cops on a getaway vehicle - there is just no time to explore the area. To find the frozen alien, just look into the river near your getaway vehicle.

Frozen Alien In The Prologue Of Grand Theft Auto V
This alien is based on the Alien in the movie with the same name.

2 - The underwater UFO

The crashed starship is off the coast of San Andreas, north of Procopio Beach, and east of the large peninsula. With the UFO crashed onto the ocean floor, players need to descend to the depth using their submersible to see it.

Crashed Ufo
Crashed UFO Underwater in Grand Theft Auto V

3 - Jack Howitzer's Motel Room

Jack Howitzer is a recurrent character who has appeared in the GTA series over the years. In GTA 5, the guy has a reality TV show filmed in the Motor Motel that's briefly seen on the TV in-game. Players can visit the Motor Motel, try to glitch through the door and fall off the map. Afterward, they can parachute until reaching Howitzer's room, which features him and his friends.

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4 - Explore a secret mine

There's a mine in the mountain that's blocked with a wooden door. Players can use a grenade to blow that door up and get access. Not far from the door, you would find the mine's sole occupant: a dead body of a man dressed in 1940s clothes. This is probably an easter egg for L.A. Noire.

The Secret Mine Entrance
The Secret Mine Entrance in Grand Theft Auto V

5 - The Taco Van

While the Taco Van spawns everywhere in single-player, it only spawns in one fixed location in GTA Online. Visit the dirt road north of Sandy Shores between 13:00 and 14:00 in-game time to acquire it. There is only one Taco Van in a GTA Online session.

The Taco Truck
The Taco Truck in Grand Theft Auto V

6 - The Ghost of Mount Gordo Drive

Players would be able to see their first supernatural experience in GTA V at a large campsite on Mount Gordo Drive. Visit the location between 11 and 12 PM in-game to see a ghostly figure stand on top of a nearby mountain. Players would hear whispers and a bloodcurdling scream in the vicinity of the ghost.

Encounter With The Mount Gordo Ghost In GTA 5
Encounter With The Mount Gordo Ghost In GTA 5

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7 - Spawn inside the empty Humane Labs building

The Humane Lab is a mission location that's normally inaccessible outside of the main quest, Humane Lab Heist. In single-player, merely stepping one foot inside the property triggers a 4 stars police rating.

To get access to the lab, players need to approach the building, accept a job in the menu and quickly backing out. The glitch would spawn the player inside of the Humane Lab building so that they can freely explore. This is the biggest amongst GTA 5 Online secret locations.

8 - Re-Enactment of a scene from Thelma & Louise

The scene would play out between 7 and 8 PM, in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness near Raton Canyon. If the player flies a helicopter close to the cliff, they would see the final moments of the hit film Thelma & Louise re-enacted in GTA.

Thelma And Louise's Car
Thelma And Louise's Car is one of the most exciting GTA 5 Online Secret Locations.

In this random event, police cars and officers have surrounded a vehicle on a cliff edge. It would drive right over the edge after an officer attempt to approach. This is a fixed event - the car would still drive down if you kill all the police. You can drive that car after it blows up under the cliff.

9 - The Epsilon Overlook vantage point

The Epsilon Overlook is a special vantage point in Los Santos that provides a great view. You need to get to the Epsilon Building on the corner of Rockford Drive and Spanish Avenue in Rockford Hills. Enter the area through the gate, turn left, walk through the small path then turn right.

Roof Of The Epsilon Building
Roof Of The Epsilon Building in Grand Theft Auto V

You would find a hidden ladder on the left of the door you are facing. Climb up to find yet another ladder lead to the building's roof.  This is a unique vantage point of the city.

10 - A Secret Bunker in the Los Santos International Airport

There is a small hidden bunker in the LSIA - it is a building in the shape of the U letter. You can get inside the bunker by using a staircase with doors at the top. It leads to a utility hall in which you can proceed down to see a couple of vending machines. There's also a hatch that leads to the roof.

Secret Airport Bunker
Secret Airport Bunker In Grand Theft Auto V

This is the end of our list for GTA 5 Online secret locations. Interested in more of our articles related to the GTA Series? Please check out this post to find out more about the Most Underrated Businesses In GTA Online.