GTA Online has an extensive collection of weapons for players to enjoy. Each weapon in GTA Online is unique and can be frustrating for new players to pick. In this article, we will list the top 5 weapons in GTA Online that can deal the most damage.

5) Heavy Revolver

The Heavy Revolver is an iconic pistol with high damage output. It is one of the best weapons when you are going against vehicles. Each shot from this weapon deals 256 damage to a vehicle because of its 60% damage bonus against automobiles. The Heavy Revolver can set the engine of most land vehicles on fire in 4 shots.

This weapon is also great against other players as you only need 2 shots to take down a player.

Heavyrevolver Gtav
The Heavy Revolver has huge damage per shot and is super effective against vehicles.

4) Assault Shotgun

The Assault Shotgun can deal 32 damage per pellet, which means it can deal up to 192 damage per shot if all the pellets hit the target. Like other shotguns in the game, it has a wide pellet spread so the weapon is only effective within the 5 meters range.

However, GTA Online's Assault Shotgun has an automatic mode, which compensates for its weakness.

Assaultshotgun Gtav
The Assault Shotgun has an automatic shooting mode.

3) Advanced Rifle

The Advanced Rifle has a 500 RPM rate of fire and the highest damage per shot in its class. This is a well-balanced weapon as it can perform well in both close and medium-range combats. The weapon has rather high recoils and a not-so-good accuracy but you can give it attachments to improve those areas.

Gta5 Weapon Advancedrifle
The Advanced Rifle is a versatile and balanced weapon.

2) Combat MG Mk II

With high damage and a huge magazine size, the Combat MG Mk II is a great weapon against other players and unarmored vehicles. The Standard Magainze can hold up to 100 rounds while the Box Magainze can hold up to 200 rounds. Players can further upgrade the weapon to increase its accuracy, and reduce recoil, making it better and more consistent overall.

Combatmgmkii Gtav
This weapon has a huge magazine size.

1) Heavy Sniper Mk II

The Heavy Sniper Mk II is one of the best MkII weapons in GTA Online. It can dedal 230 damage per shot and an x1.39 damage multiplier against other players. Despite this, you still need to hit twice in the chest to take down a player.

Other than the basic scope, you also have the access to night vision and thermal scopes when using this weapon.

Heavy Sniper Mk2
The Heavy Sniper Mk2 is one of the best MK II weapons in GTA Online.

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