Looks like Rockstar is going to put more attention on GTA Online, their biggest money maker. They have announced a new GTA Online summer DLC update which will bring new features and gameplay changes to the game.

GTA Online has made them billions yearly, but there are still a lot of things that need to be improved. Its updates are usually pretty elaborate, with the recent patch bringing back fan favorites Franklin Clinton alongside real-life celebrity Dr. Dre together in a new adventure.

This is why the summer update 2022 is so hyped. In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase the top 5 biggest changes in GTA Online Summer Update 2022. The update is scheduled to come out on July 26.

1. Quality-of-life upgrades

In this update, Rockstar is going to address some of the community's long-standing complaints, such as nerfing the Oppressor Mk II, enabling Sell Missions in Invite Only Sessions, and more. However, the former is still the most wanted change.

Oppressor Mk2 In Gta Online
Oppressor Mk2 is finally getting nerfed.

The bike has been the best vehicle for griefers ever since its release in 2018, which has decreased the quality of public sessions greatly. The nerf will reduce the effectiveness of the bike's missiles, along with its countermeasures such as chaff or smoke. Players on other vehicles should have an easier time dealing with the Oppressor Mk II now.

2. Increased payouts

Another big complaint that fans often make about GTA Online is that acquiring money in-game is super slow, despite everything costing a lot of money to upgrade. Rockstar has decided to deal with this issue by raising some of the cash rewards earned from all the game modes. This would reduce the amount of grinding, allowing players to do what they enjoy instead of doing the same thing all the time to get more money.

Payouts for Bodyguards, Associates, and MC Members will increase, according to Rockstar. This will encourage players to participate in co-op instead of playing solo. Furthermore, there will also be more cash bonuses from other activities, including higher payouts for Adversary modes, Races, and some Heist finales.

3. New IAA Contact Missions

Rockstar has confirmed on Newswire that the next update will expand on the criminal careers of Bikers, Gunrunners, Executives, and Nightclub Owners. There will be new content, with the highlights being new IAA Contact Missions. Players will be able to act as special IAA field operatives during these missions - the first ever in GTA.

Iaa Contact Missions

4. New activity: Skydiving

Popular dataminer alloc8r has revealed a few more pieces of info. Apparently, skydiving, a completely new activity, is going to be introduced to the game with the next update. A new "skydive" collectible will arrive alongside it.

In addition, the leaker claims that the DLC files contain 26 new vehicle slots, as well as two new weapons, one of which is a tactical rifle.


5. Dedicated support

GTA Online was released in 2013. Since then, Rockstar has been supporting it heavily, with a huge number of updates. With the summer update, they pledge to continue to support the game in the future. This lines up with their plan of separating GTA Online from GTA 5 and keeping it running even after GTA 6's release.


Players can expect to see specially curated seasonal events, community challenges, additional bonuses as well as gifts and other surprises that will keep the game fresh and dynamic.

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