Dealing with enemies' vehicles is one of the most common things that you need to do in a GTA Online server. Griefers usually run around with the Nightshark or the Oppressor MK2 and try their best to ruin your day. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best weapons to destroy vehicles in GTA Online 2023.

1. Heavy Sniper MKII

The heavy sniper is here to enforce the "One shot, one kill" mantra. It can kill most players in a single shot, cripple helicopters, cars... and more. Overall, the heavy sniper does huge damage and fires faster than the standard Sniper. It can even be upgraded to its MK2 form with an extra 200k.

Heavysnipermkii Gtav
Heavy Sniper MKII

Players can use explosive rounds to add even more firepower against unarmored vehicles and knock down human targets. It is effective against many types of aircraft and lightly armored vehicles. This weapon is perfect against opponents using Oppressor MK2. It is also effective in taking out the drivers of normal vehicles when equipped with Full Metal Jacket ammo.

2. Combat MG Mk II

The Combat MG Mk II slightly improves over the regular Combat MG in damage (from 45 to 47), with the same rate of fire. This makes it a devastating weapon against enemies and unarmored vehicles. The default magazine has a magazine capacity of 100 rounds which can be expanded to 200 rounds per box magazine.

Combatmgmkii Gtav
Combat MG Mk II

It is best to fit the Combat MG MkII with Full Metal Jacket rounds, which improve damage over vehicles and can penetrate bullet-resistant windows. Unarmored vehicles and aircraft will quickly catch fire and get destroyed from sustained fire due to this weapon's increased capacity.

3. Compact Grenade Launcher

This is the most damaging small gun in the game - it has all the power of a Grenade Launcher inside the frame of a pistol. The Compact Grenade Launcher can even be used in drive-bys and motorcycles.

Compact Grenade Launcher
Compact Grenade Launcher

Players who are practiced with this weapon can blow up their targets while moving at an extremely high speed. However, players needs to be careful, as getting too close to the blast radius can destroy their own vehicle and kill them in the process.

4.  Sticky Bomb

Shooting people to death is not the only way to take out your enemies, it is just the easiest one. If you can aim a little bit, the Sticky Bomb is a great alternate item to spam around. You can also use this as a land mine or trap of sorts, as the bombs are really fragile.

Sticky Bomb
Sticky Bomb

Players can stick some of these on a durable car and hit the enemy car with it to create an explosion.

5. Homing Launcher

This is the only way you can effectively deal with enemies vehicles early on. You don't need to waste time aiming or judging trajectories when using this weapon - just point it at the target and let the missile lock-on. The Homing Launcher has an incredibly long range, being able to follow fighter jets for a very long distance, surpassing all missiles/rockets (including mounted rockets on vehicles).

Homing Launcher
Homing Launcher in GTA Online

The projectiles fired by the Homing Launcher are very fast and can easily chase down a P-996 LAZER in flight. The missiles can destroy or disable aircraft in only one hit, making them the best weapon to use against aircraft,

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