In Minecraft, the End Realm is the ultimate dimension that players can explore, characterized by its chilly and barren landscape consisting of floating islands that are teeming with mysterious vegetation, structures, and hostile mobs. This is where adventurers engage in an epic battle against the final boss of the game, the Ender Dragon. Once the dragon is defeated, the game's primary storyline comes to an end, and the credits are displayed.

Following the credits, players can revisit the End Realm to explore it freely, but this endeavor is not without challenges. To traverse the dimension, players will require various items and blocks to navigate the hazardous environment safely. Here are some tips to keep in mind while exploring the End Realm.

1.  Use a carved pumpkin

Upon entering the End Realm, players will immediately notice that it is populated by Endermen. These creatures can become hostile towards players if they accidentally make direct eye contact with them, either while navigating or fighting the Ender Dragon. Therefore, the most effective strategy for traveling through the final dimension is to wear a carved pumpkin on the player's head.

Carved Pumpkin With Shears
Carved Pumpkin

By wearing a carved pumpkin on the head, players can prevent Endermen from becoming aggressive towards them, as these creatures do not perceive the player as a threat.

2. Use ender pearls

Ender pearls are throwable items that allow players to teleport to a specific location, and they are frequently utilized to access hard-to-reach areas. In the End Dimension, players can employ them to instantaneously hop from one floating island to the next.

Ender Pearl Minecraft
Ender Pearl Minecraft

Nevertheless, using ender pearls for travel is a hazardous endeavor, as it may result in players being teleported to an area without a stable surface for them to stand on. Therefore, ender pearls must be employed with caution.

3. Keep totem of undying

The End Dimension is an intimidating and precarious location to navigate, consisting of floating islands surrounded by a vast void. If players happen to fall off, the only way to save themselves is by utilizing an elytra equipped with fireworks to soar back to safety.

Totem of undying

Nonetheless, if players are unable to activate the firework rockets in time and end up plummeting to their demise, they may use the totem of undying to gain a second chance at life. This item can revive the player upon death, enabling them to try again.

4. Bridge to travel

For players who are uncertain about utilizing ender pearls for transport in the End Dimension, constructing a bridge between floating islands is the most secure alternative. Any solid block can be used to construct a bridge, but players must exercise extreme caution not to release the crouch button while constructing the bridge, as this may cause them to fall into the void. Unfortunately, building a bridge is the slowest way to travel across the End Dimension.

Minecraft End City
Minecraft End City

5. Use Elytra

Once players have discovered an end city and obtained an elytra, they should always use it for traveling through the End Dimension. This highly potent gear allows players to effortlessly explore the game's ultimate dimension by enabling them to fly through it. Elytras become even more effective when combined with firework rockets, which can propel players even further into the air.

End City 22 5eda696eb
Use Elytra

Therefore, the initial exploration of the End Dimension is likely to be the most difficult for players since they will not possess an elytra.

6. Use Ender Chest

Ender chests are a unique type of storage chest that are assigned to each player and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Players can utilize these chests to farm resources in the End Dimension and store them for later use.

Additionally, by combining an ender chest with shulker boxes, which are easily obtainable in the End, players can significantly increase their storage capacity. They can fill the shulker boxes with the items they desire and then place them inside the ender chest.

M How To Make An Ender Chest In Minecraft
Ender chests are a super useful item system that allows players to access their loot anywhere.

7. Use Potion of Slow Falling

Apart from Endermen, the only other danger in the End Dimension are shulkers. It is essential to prepare a defense against these mobs as they drop a vital component for crafting shulker boxes.

Shulkers' attacks are not particularly harmful, except for their ability to levitate players, which can result in their death by falling. However, players can protect themselves by using a potion of Slow Falling, which prevents fall damage upon landing. Obtaining an Elytra is also an excellent way to defend against shulker attacks.

This allows players to deal with shulker more easily, ignoring their dangerous attacks.

8. Fire Aspect enchantment

Fire Aspect is an enchantment that can be added to swords to increase their damage output. It is particularly effective against Endermen in the End dimension because the burn damage persists even after they teleport. However, it has no effect on Shulkers.

Each level of Fire Aspect adds 80 fire-ticks, which is equivalent to 4 seconds of burning, to the target. With level I, the target receives 3 damage, while with level II, it receives 7 damage.

Fire Aspect
This enchantment is effective against low hp mobs.

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