City-building games give us the feeling of accomplishment that no other games can replace. The feeling of watching your city growing from almost nothing to a huge city with thousands or even millions of people is just wonderful. Even though it can take hours and hours of struggling with different problems, seeing the city that you built working and running smoothly makes it all worth it. These games don't require you to have crazy APM or reflexes but only patience and good awareness. You will start out small and easy and how to build and arrange your city gradually. You will easily get caught in these games for hours and hours before you notice. Here are the 5 best city-building games on PC right now.

1. Cities: Skylines

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Cities: Skylines lets you build a modern city and face realistic problems

Cities: Skylines is a modern city-building game where you build a real city and face all the problems that come with it. You will start out small and then grow your city gradually while learning about the game at the same time. Everything will be pretty easy and simple at first, but more problems will arise as your city become bigger. Fire, education, crimes, public services,... you will have to deal with them all while listening to the feedback of your people.

Other than building up your city, you can also apply rules and policies on your people, even extremely rules such as forbidding all vehicles or only allow people to use 1 single road. But before then, you will have to learn how to build a city without destroying it with your mistakes.

Cities: Skylines is now available for PC on Steam with a discounted price of $7.49.

2. Tropico 5

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Tropico 5 lets you build an empire on an island and go through different periods of history

Tropico 5 brings players a brand new experience of city-building as you a city on an island in different periods of time in history from colonial times to now. You will start as a governor during the early colonial period. As you go through history, you will be facing challenges such as the World Wars, the Great Depression, Cold War and more. Each member of your family will be in charge of a role in the government. They are the most important key in the development of your city. Building new facilities and researching new technologies to help your people work more efficiently and keep up with the world.

Trading is also an important part of the game as you can sell what you have too much for money and buy things you can't produce from nearby countries. But don't forget that your island also has lots of things that you haven't discovered yet.

The game allows up to 4 players to play together at the same time to support or even wage war with each other.

Tropico 5 is now available for PC on Steam with a price of $6.99 in this Winter Sale.

3. Surviving Mars

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Surviving Mars introduces a unique setting to build a city

Surviving Mars has a pretty unique setting that totally differs from other titles. You will have to build a city on Mars with all the new challenges such as maintaining the oxygen level, destructive sandstorms or random black cubes that appear out of nowhere. You will need a space agency to provide you resources and money first. But you can not depend on them forever, so you'd better do some researches and build facilities to grow your own food and technologies to expand faster.

Each individual in your colony is an important part of the survivor of the whole place. Make sure that they have a healthy life so everything can go smoothly without any dysfunctional. You don't want your colony to have a blackout or out of oxygen.

Surviving Mars is now available for PC on Steam with a price of $10.19.

4. SimCity

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SimCity is one of the oldest city-building franchise

SimCity is among one of the oldest city-building franchises with the first game came out 30 years ago. It is the inspiration for many modern city-builder games nowadays. Being a really old franchise, it is still relevant today. You will build your city on a blank space on the map as the mayor and fill the need of your citizens in it with infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, police stations, stadiums,... You are also the one who determines the budget, tax rate, and policies. There are 3 types of major zones that you need to determine in one city, residential zones, industrial zones, and commercial zones, each has its distinct and vital purpose to the city. You can also create a whole region of multiple cities and link them together to see how it works.

However, one of the most interesting experiences in SimCity is to create natural disasters such as a volcano, a meteor strike, or a tornado to destroy your own city. You can also personally take part in chasing car-jackers and bank robbers in a car with U-Drive It! missions.

The latest SimCity title is SimCity: BuildIt which is free to play for Android devices. You can also play SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition on PC through Steam with a price of $4.99 now in this Winter Sale.

5. Frostpunk

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Try to build the last city on Earth so people can survive the cold eternal winter

Frostpunk is a post-apocalyptic survival city building game from 11 bit studios. The game is set in 1886 in an alternate world, where most humans on Earth were killed by a series of natural disasters such as volcano eruptions, volcanic winters, and the dimming of the Sun. You are now in charge of building a city for people to survive in this harsh cold world. Your first priority to keep your place warm and ensure that everyone has food to eat. You will manage and assign people in your place to work for their own survival. Create laws to make sure your city runs smoothly. Sometimes you need to be tough to keep things in order while sometimes you need to show compassion to your people to go a long way. Research new technologies and explore the world to expand your city with innovation such as airships and self-powered automatons.

Frostpunk is now available on Steam for PC with a price of $11.99.