Premium city builders" are a pretty rare sight in the mobile gaming market these days. Just like MMORPGs, the nature of the simulation genre just creates so much opportunity for free-to-play titles. As a result, players who just simply want to buy a city builder and grant access to the complete experience without ads or IAPS have had very few options these past few years.

And then back in the summer of 2018 we got Pocket City, a premium game specifically made for mobile without any IAP. While it was not exactly what one would describe as challenging or strategic, the game did deliver a fun city-building experience with none of the freemium filler.

Pocket City 696x392

However, if you want a bigger challenge, maybe something more strategic, TheoTown has finally arrived on iOS five years after its launch on Android to satisfy your demand. Check out the trailer for the Android version below to get an idea of what it is all about:

The interesting part is that TheoTown is actually still a free-to-play title with advertisements and IAPs on Android, but somehow the iOS version has decided to go with the premium paying model. Honestly, this is a good thing. I’d much rather pay once for the full game rather than having to endure annoying ads or having to pay to be able to unlock something that should have been a part of the experience from the first place.

Build your city however you wish

When it comes to the gameplay, TheoTown is pretty similar to the like of SimCity 2000 with some Cities: Skylines elements added into the mix. Basically, it has everything you’d expect from a full-blown city builder. You’ll be establishing the basic infrastructures and public transport, building police stations and fire departments to keep crimes and fires under control, dealing with natural disasters and diseases, and more. If you’ve been craving for a full hardcore city builder for your iOS device, TheoTown is definitely a solid option.