In Pokemon, there are plenty of incredible and powerful creatures that can be called Legendary Pokemon. Here comes the list of the so-called Legendary Pokemon. This list is made based on the Pokemon’s appearance, ability, and personality.

Keep in mind that the Mythical Pokemon such as Arceus, Darkrai or Mew will not be listed out here because they already belong to a separate group.

  1. Xerneas

1Xerneas was the first Generation VI Pokémon to be revealed to the public on January 8, 2013

When Fairy-types arrived in Gen VI, Xerneas showed up as the best Pokemon so far. This Pokemon not only overcame the Dragon-types but also was famous for its stat-boosting move called Geomancy.

The rainbow horns of the Pokemon allows it to have an intimidating presence. Xerneas can make forests grow, and at Yveltal, its Dark-type, it can bring people back to life after being turned to stone. This is recorded as a miraculous and rare ability among Legendaries.

  1. Dialga

2Along with Palkia and Giratina, Dialgo is a member of the creation trio of Sinnoh, which represents time.

Dialgo would be called the “totally metal” Pokemon on the list for its whole body armor. This massive dinosaur is able to control time thanks to its diamond on the front chest.

Dialga is known as a bulky Pokemon who has forceful attacks. It is the only one of its type to have up to nine resistances and one immunity. Unlike most other Dragons, Dialga is not weak to Ice-type or Dragon-type moves.

In the Trading Card Games, due to its ability to manipulate time, this Pokemon can wind back the time to take 2 turns in a row or devolve the opponent’s Pokemon.

  1. Zapdos


Along with Articuno and Moltres, Zapdos is one of the three Legendary birds of Kanto.

You will know if a Zapdos appears when a thunder sound suddenly grumbles in the sky. The Pokemon has a look of lightning with sharp and jagged hair and thunder is created whenever it flaps its wings. Zapdos even gets more powerful if it is struck by natural lightning.

In terms of its combat ability, Zapdos comes in the first place with the extraordinary Special Attack, incredible Speed and high defense level. The Pokemon has several advantages over many Pokemon and yet weakness to two only. It proves to deserve in the competitive teams for the ever-expanding move pool, which includes the damaging Heat Wave and health-restoring Roost.

  1. Suicune


Along with Raikou and Entei, Suicune is one of the Legendary beasts resurrected by Ho-Oh after the burning of the Brass Tower

As the embodiment of north wind, this Pokemon is recalled for the purple mane and its two streamer tail which ripples as though in a breeze. Being the most elegant one in Johto’s Legendary Beasts, Suicune is quite a star with various anime episodes and movies.

  1. Ho-Oh


Ho-Oh is an avian Pokémon resembling a phoenix and a peacock

Ho-Oh is not only famous for the ability to make the most beautiful rainbow ever but also able to resurrect both Pokemon and people from the dead. In spite of its ability to bring life, Ho-Oh can also take away life with the Sacred Fire move by crippling opponents.

  1. Kyogre


Along with Groudon and Rayquaza, Kyogre is a part of the weather trio.

Kyogre is the kind of influential and powerful Legendary Pokemon whose fights reshaped the whole planet. The Pokemon is believed to have both defensive and offensive threat with the ability to change the weather.

No matter how big it is (which actually one of the biggest Pokemon), Kyogre can still fly.

  1. Giratina


Along with Dialga and Palkia, it is a member of the creation trio of Sinnoh, representing antimatter.

If the chart is about the most fearsome Legendary Pokemon, Giratina is definitely in the top position. It is believed that the Pokemon was so fierce that Arceus, the creation god Pokemon had to banish it to the Distortion World eternally.

Giratina has a signature move called Shadow Force, which is a forceful Ghost-type attack to hit through and break Protect permanently. This means that there is no pause between breaking your defenses and dragging you into a space-warped and timeless zone of fear.

  1. Lugia


Lugia is a large Pokémon that resembles a dragon, a plesiosaur, and a bird

Lugia is known as the boss of the three mightful Legendary birds in Gen 1. The existence of this Pokemon is to keep the other Legendary Pokemon in check presents how great it is. Another reason for Lugia to have a spot in the top Legendaries is because it is the only Pokemon to have a song for itself!

In battle, Lugia is also called the Great Wall of Pokemon for its massive defensive level. In Trading Card Games, this Legendary is able to be utilized in many decks, making it a tough Colorless attacker.

  1. Rayquaza


Rayquaza is a large, green, serpentine creature

This Legendary serves as the sky guardian who is in charge of maintaining the peace for sea and land Legendaries, Kyogre and Groudon. It also helps to defend the world from extraterrestrial dangers, which is meteors and aliens hiding inside these meteors.

In battle, Rayquaza, or Mega Rayquaza to be specific, is extremely forceful and rapid. In Trading Card Games, this Legendary has no damage ceiling and is capable of defeating the beefiest Pokemon with only a single hit.

  1. Mewtwo


Mewtwo was created after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments based on Mew

While the rest of Legendary Pokemon come from the manifestations or creation of the Earth, Mewtwo is a special Pokemon created by human.

It is the only Legendary that has up to two Mega Evolutions. Both of these are very forceful in the right situation. However, it also means that the simple Mewtwo can turn into an absolute beast in battles. The Pokemon has a flexible move pool that can be open to great effect due to its high attack and speed.

The fact is that Mewtwo is usually the Pokemon boss at the end of several Pokemon spin-offs.