Torchlight Frontiers, the upcoming online multiplayer ARPG sequel to the Torchlight series, is now known as Torchlight 3. This is more than just a name change - based on the statements by Runic Games, the series' developer, this would be a major shift in their design principle. They would be treating this game as a proper sequel instead of just an online spinoff. Torchlight is a Diablo-like action RPG, with players controlling characters from various classes to slay hordes upon hordes of monsters for loot and experiences. Similar to Diablo 2, every class would have three skill trees for the player to customize.

Because of that, the single campaign for the game is currently being worked on - it would resemble the first two games more closely, with the act structure and vertical progression. Another change is that Torchlight 3 will have a cost instead of being free with microtransactions as planned for Frontiers. This is overall a piece of great news, as the freemium structure of "free to play with microtransactions" often leads to weird balancing and pay to win shenanigans.

Torchlight Iii Dusk Mage
The classes in Torchlight 3 are brand new - nothing from the previous two games were brought back

This change of direction was likely brought up by the Alpha tester teams, as after a period of testing, a lot of problems with the multiplayer-only structure have surfaced. The developers, after receiving directions from the publishers, have decided to switch courses from a cash grab. The game will be available on Steam later instead of their new platform - this is also a welcome change, as Steam's online services are the best.

The Forged would be a class consist of Robot characters

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