Around this time last year, Slay The Spire was officially released into Steam and it was a blast. The game proofed that roguelike elements combine with deck-building and a mysterious atmosphere is the perfect combination for an offline car game. Now we are going to have a predecessor of it on Steam's Early Access this January called "A Long Way Down." You can check out the Early Access trailer of A Long Way Down below.

The developer of the game, Seenapsis Studio, claimed that this game took the inspiration from 3 famous games Slay The Spire, Darkest Dungeon, and Hand of Fate. Apart from roguelike and deck-building elements, it also has RPG elements in it. Instead of a map with 3 routes like Slay The Spire, you will create your own paths in dungeons with your cards.

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Create your own way through the dungeon using your cards and finish the main quest

There are enemies, chests, campfires,... around the dungeon. Each dungeon will have some quests for you to finish but you only need to finish the main quest to complete the dungeon. After finishing the main quest, you can choose to stay and explore the dungeon or moving on to the next one.

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You can meet other adventures on your way and ask them to help you

Along your way through dungeons, you will be able to meet other adventurers who might tag along and fight for you. You can have up to 2 other adventurers.

Your deck will be stronger as you pick up more cards on your adventure. But you need to be flexible and not tied yourself up with one strategy or you will get defeated easily.

A Long Way Down is now available for PC on Steam's Early Access with a price of $16.