As the trailer reveals, Rockstar Games’s highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 will transport players back to the streets of Vice City, where beneath the neon lights and sandy shores lies an underbelly of crime. Police have always played a significant role in the series, and the upcoming GTA has the opportunity to evolve these mechanics, potentially setting a new standard once again.

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Was the Police System in GTA 5 a Double-Edged Sword?

The GTA series is known for pushing the boundaries of the law. It's famous for its vast open-world design, but what's the point if nothing is interesting to do? There are too many things to deal with, but you're bound to encounter law enforcement, and luckily, the chases are always exciting. In GTA 5, they're some of the best because there are plenty of streets for thrilling pursuits.

Police System In Gta 5
The police in GTA 5 were too aggressive and showed up for minor infractions.

At the launch of GTA 5, there was criticism about the police being too aggressive and showing up for minor infractions. This made playing the game feel tense, as any small mistake could bring the police down on you instantly. S0, GTA 6 needs to fix these problems right from the start.

How is the Police System in GTA 6?

Rockstar Games has invested a lot in its well-known franchise for over two decades, along with AAA collaboration. They have still been managing to improve GTA’s structure, especially the police system, yet most have not met their expectations.

With GTA 6’s upcoming launch, the speculated bigger map as well as Rockstar Games’s commitment to realism mean that GTA 5’s police system will probably fall short. Therefore, it’s expected that the developer will take a big leap to the GTA 6 police system.