GTA 6’s first trailer has got fans excited by showing brief views of the game's characters. Notably, there's Lucia, confirmed as the female main character, and Jason, rumored to be the male lead. They were both hinted at in leaked videos from 2022, setting the scene for an exciting sequel.

Gta 6 Lucia And Jason
GTA 6 Lucia and Jason Characters

While the trailer provides brief looks at other characters, information is still scarce. Nonetheless, relying on reliable sources and leaks, here's what we've gathered about the characters officially announced for GTA 6 up to this point.

  • GTA 6 Lucia character: Female main character, observed narrating in the trailer, potentially engaging with Jason.
  • GTA 6 Jason character: JAlleged male protagonist, briefly glimpsed towards the end of the trailer.

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Other names mentioned in the 2022 leaks include Chester, Dale, and Danny. Yet, whether they'll appear in future trailers or the final game is still doubtful.

A report suggests that Lucia and Jason may face personal challenges while navigating through the criminal underworld. Yet, fans should be cautious when considering leaked information, since details may undergo alterations before the game’s debut in 2025. For instance, past leaks like the Project Americas Leak are inaccurate upon closer examination.

As excitement grows for GTA 6's release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, fans eagerly anticipate more updates about the cast and storyline. Until then, speculation will persist, fueling the excitement for one of the most anticipated game titles.

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