Total World War, a new turn-based strategy game from Zero Game Studio, was initially planned for a 2019 release. However, the studio just announced that Total World War will be delayed to 2020 and have its name changed. Total World War was actually just the code name for the game at the beginning of the development. The developer was inspired by the turn-based strategy genre during the 2000s so they started developing this game in 2016. You can check out the trailer of Total World War below.

You will be playing as famous world leaders such as Trump (Donny), Dimitri (Putin), Kon Jim( Kim Jong Un),... to control your own armies and defeat your enemies. Each character will have their own strengths, weaknesses and special weapons that reflect the real world. For Example, Trump (Donny) has a superpower called Fat Man, the name of the second nuclear bomb that was dropped on Japan. I am sure you can already guess what this superpower does.

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The superpower of Trump (Donny) is Fat Man, guess what it does

There are more than 50 kinds of different units along with more than 50 unique maps for you to explore.

Battles will take place on a hexagon grids map just like many other famous turn-based games. Apart from different kinds of terrains, there will be dynamic weather conditions such as rain, fog, or snow that will affect the outcome of combats.

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There will be a dynamic weather system so the weather condition in one game might be varied

The game features cartoonish 3D graphics to make the game bloody and funny at the same time.

Apart from Singleplayer mode, there also a Multiplayer mode for you to fight with other real players online.

Total World War is now under development and scheduled for PC and Nintendo Switch next year.