Today, the developers at Event Horizon has announced about the release of the console version for Tower of Time - a critically acclaimed RPG that calls back to classics games like Baldur’s Gate or the Might and Magic series. According to the developer, this console version of the game will feature a new control scheme that was developed for gamepads.

Along with that, the console version of Tower of Time will have all the game modes that were featured in the PC version - including the "Perma-death" mode that allows no retry when you are dead.

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An in-game screenshot from the PC version

In Tower of Time, you have to guide your party through the titular Tower of Time, with 11 levels of increasing difficulty. You will start with two party members: Kane - the Shield Guard which act as a tank; and Maeve - the Marksman. The combat system in this game features a unique mechanic named Arrow-Time, which allow you to slow-down or even pause while fighting - so you can assign orders for your units.

As you go deeper into the game, there will be more and more characters joining your party - each with their own unique skills. Those unique skills can be mix-up together so that you can choose the combination that most suitable to your playstyle.

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An in-game screenshot from the PC version

According to the developers, Tower of Time features a sophisticated random-loot system that resulting in more than 100,000 possible loots combinations - arranged into "seeds" that can make every playthrough a unique RPG experience.

Graphics-wise, the game also features great lighting and particle effects that will give your eyes a feast of breathtaking scenery, along with a whole bunch of monsters that ranging from orcs, skeletal archers, to armored cyclops, mechanical Titans. Each boss battle will feature its own mechanics, that will put your tactical skill to the test.

Tower of Time is currently available on PC via Steam and will be released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One early next year.