Recently on a CS:GO live-stream by streamer Geezoria on Twitch, viewers have seen some unusual things happen during his match.

Csgo 0
Geezoria accidentally let his viewers know that he's using cheat.

Specifically, on the map Cache, weapons and the bomb seem to be visible through walls. There is a glowing outline around these objects, which means Geezoria can know their exact position.

In fact, this kind of cheating is not critical. CS:GO community has witnessed worse. Cheaters used to exploit aim-bots and wallhacks to make walls and obstacles in the game completely useless. Despite all that, Geezoria clearly had some unfair advantage in his match using a third-party tool, and that's unacceptable.

Geezoria actually used cheats and hacks for some times in the past. Fans can find videos on his YouTube channel in which he tried to gain advantages in CS:GO. The hack he used can help him to see his opponents through walls detailed with health, outlines and other information.

Csgo 2
Cheating and hacking are still problems in CS:GO.

According to Twitch's community guidelines, when broadcasting a multiplayer title, broadcaster needs to follow the game's rules. That means even cheaters can avoid being punished in the game itself, they still have to face Twitch's judgment. And it will obviously create negative impacts on cheater's account.

It seems that Geezoria's Twitch account is fine for now. He removed all evidential clips on his channel, but some viewers still managed to save them on other platforms.

Many streamers have been caught using cheats in CS:GO while hosting a show on Twitch, and it looks like they will not stop doing that just yet. Twitch banned another broadcaster after he brought up a cheat menu during his game back in May 2019. The most infamous incident could be the one with a female streamer in June 2017, when she tried to assign responsibility for using cheats to her friend "Clara".

Geezoria looks fine so far. But there is definitely a storm to come.

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