For lovers of the role-playing games and those interested in the management job, now there is an amazing tavern management game for you all to experience the head-to-toe work by your own. All is in only one game, called Crossroads Inn, to help you build up your own dream pub without doubt and later, you can absolutely think of a real tavern establishment.

In Crossroads Inn, as a pub owner, the main tasks of the players are to pick up guests from around the world, or recruit them into groups to conquer difficult tasks. To do these tasks well, you have to self-build your tavern the most fantastic and intriguing ever in the world.

Kraken Unleashed, a young start-up from Poland, has offered a pretty successful launch of Crossroads Inn. The eye-catching and high-resolution graphics as well as the attracting vivid sounds make Crossroads Inn  a really amazing and attractive mobile game. You can feel the blustering fires, the tinkling cup tapping or the whispering bartenders as real. It’s not exaggerated surprise when Crossroads Inn gets the lively sound as it is created by Marcin Przybyłowicz, a Polish well-known music composer. Marcin Przybylowicz played the role of the main music director of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which makes him stick with CD Projekt and become its Co-Founder until 2016.

Bustling activities happen in the tavern

Playing the role of the tavern boss, you have to construct the pub, decorate and furnish the interiors and build up the own menus by yourself. Plus, to attract more and more adventurers,  you have to carry out marketing campaigns and keep track of the ingredients and raw materials delivered on time, as well. Not just stop there. The tavern needs to be further developed. The management job will get harder and harder when the players have to have moderate concern about both the usual serving and the renovation of the infrastructure and the tables. In addition, the characters who work under your instruction should also be fully equipped to heal and to continue further challenging journeys.

Crossroads Inn will be released in 2019, for PC, Macbook and Xbox One systems.

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