You might not think about teaching your kids how to live on their own now. That's because you still have plenty of time left. But what if you'll have to die in some days?

That's what the story of Undying - an upcoming survival game is taking settings of! Let's watch this announcement trailer to see for yourself!

Undying - as long as you are not dead

Recently at ChinaJoy 2019, Vanimals - the indie Chinese developer has announced its masterpiece - Undying. The game tells the touching story in a fictional post-apocalypse world.

To be more specific, Anling and her son - Cody have stuck in the world full of zombies. While making efforts to get out of the horde, Anling was bitten by one zombie while protecting her son. It seems that Anling doesn't have many times to live now.

Undying Tells The Touching Story Of Motherhood Ami
A zombie has infected Anling through a bite when she's trying to protect her son

Some might have given up at that point, but it's not the case for her as Anling still have a young son. She'll have to do everything she can to live now, not for her, but for her son. As long as she is not dead (or turn into a zombie herself), she'll have to ensure that Cody will be able to live on in this chaotic world without her present.

About the gameplay

From the overview of the background story above, it seems that we won't have a happy ending. But don't cry yet! Maybe you might find something to save Anling through this gameplay summary!

According to the developer, Undying lies in the survival genre. In this game, you'll take control of Anling with the ultimate objective of keeping Cody safe and sound before she turns into a zombie.

Undying Tells The Touching Story Of Motherhood Ami
Undying is a top-down survival game taking the settings of a post-apocalypse world

To be more specific, like many other zombie-themed games, you'll have to find resources to keep you and your son leaving. It includes foods, drink and other medicine to delay your zombie time as long as possible. Apart from that, you'll have to look for some metal parts as well.

Those parts will help you craft something later to deal with the hordes of zombies. Or else, you can trade them with the traders for other groceries.

Undying Tells The Touching Story Of Motherhood Ami
Trade metal parts with the traders for more goods, or use them to craft usable items

The living part is done, now it's time for the fighting part. You can gather some weapons on your way, including guns and other melee weapons. Arm yourself and your son and get on the way to other areas to find more items to live on.

Undying Tells The Touching Story Of Motherhood Ami
Find guns and bullets to shoot your way to unreachable areas for more resource

As you're not standing by Cody forever, you'll have to teach them more than basic living skills. Luckily, Cody seems to be a smart kid, as he will learn from your actions, all through combat, crafting and cooking. Undying features a system where you can pass your skills to Cody, so don't forget to spend time to train him.

Undying Tells The Touching Story Of Motherhood Ami
Teach Cody how to cook, craft and fight in case you're not around anymore

And at the end of the day, you're living for yourself, too. You don't have much time left, so enjoy every little moment that you have with your son before it's too late!

Undying Tells The Touching Story Of Motherhood Ami
Enjoy every second of your last time!

Release date and supported platform

Undying is coming first to PC through Steam at some times in Q1 2020. The PS4 version will follow up later, but we don't know the exact date yet.