Korean developers have always been famous for making RPG games with splendid combat mechanics. And this time, the independent developer Jinsub Jung is very proud to announce his stylish action-adventure RPG - Unsouled.

Unsouled is the co-operated project from the developer MeGusta Game and the publisher PQube. It's the first time this game revealed for the public.

The story of Unsouled

Unsouled takes the settings of a gorgeous but eerie fantasy world, in which players will follow the traits of a man and a woman. They're not just ordinary people, but both of them possess the mysterious power - absorbing the spirits of the dead the strengthen themselves.

Unsouled Announced For Pc Spring 2020 1
The two characters both have the abilities to absorbs the dead's souls to become stronger

The two won't embark on their journey together, as each of them follows their own fate route, facing the challenge ahead of them. The power might intertwine their fate together, but what they use this power are different.

Unsouled Announced For Pc Spring 2020 2
Which paths will they choose?

Who will absorb the souls of the weak for themself, or who will use their power to protect them?

Gameplay features

Basically, Unsouled is an action-adventure game where you'll explore the story of two characters while slaying down anyone standing in your ways. You'll control your character from top-down perspectives, gets on your adventures, and become stronger in the progress.

To be more specific, you'll defeat your enemies in combats, using your extraordinary power. However, as you're still a human being, the monsters don't have to struggle two much to send you to the last checkpoints. On the other hand, you will have to be very precise with your attacks to be able to slay them.

Unsouled Announced For Pc Spring 2020 4
The creatures in this game are very strong

The most important skill when it comes to combats is the parry - which is also the start of your combos. Successfully timing the creatures' strike, you can start devastating your opponents with chains of swords slashes to cut them into pieces. Furthermore, you can chain your attacks using your dash to defeat nearby enemies in a satisfying combo.

Unsouled Announced For Pc Spring 2020 8
Dashing to the foes around to chain your combos

The more enemies you slay, the more abilities you can unlock to lengthen your combos. That's when your soul-absorbing ability strikes. Extracting the souls of the dead and use them, you can improve your power, learn new skills, and enhance your overall combat capabilities.

Last but not least, don't forget to mention the beautiful pixel-art environment. You'll make your adventure through various types of terrain, including ruins, caves, jungles and many more. Unsouled's visual style looks quite dark at first, but the game will give you a panoramic view of the scenes. Alongside with the enjoyable BGM, Unsouled is definitely a great game to try.

Unsouled Announced For Pc Spring 2020 3
The world in Unsouled is very detailed with pixel-art graphics

Unsouled will come out for PC through Steam. There is no exact release date of the game at this moment, but we know that it will launch at some time in Spring 2020.

At this moment, you can wishlist the game on Steam to receive the latest notification.

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