After successfully raising its fund through Kickstarter a year ago, the developer Pixel Arc Studios has been continously working on their latest side-scroller - Bushiden. And now, after a long wait, we finally have some information about what they've been developing so far.

To be more specific, Pixel Arc Studio has unleashed a new trailer showing our main protagonist in action. You can see the trailer below:

The story of Bushiden

Bushiden takes the settings of a futurist world, as it puts you into the shoes of a ninja named Reylee. You and your sister are the last members of the ancient ninja clan - Iga-Ryu Clan.

However, suddenly, your sister is nowhere to be found. Furthermore, you also find out some rumors about Gaoh - the biggest devilish enemy of your clan has revived and starts to gather his army again.

Bushiden Unveils Extended Gameplay Trailer Featuri
Reylee will have to find Gaoh and save his sister

Hence, you have no other choices that start your own journey to stop the evil and rescue your sister. Using your ninja techniques, you'll embark in this cyber world and upgrade your powers until you are strong enough to stand against Gaoh and his cybernetic minions.

Gameplay features

We don't have to wait in the darkness for the information of Bushiden's gameplay anymore, as the 3-minute trailer has given us an in-depth look. Generally, Bushiden is a Metroidvania-like side-scrolling game, in which you will control Reylee the ninja to fight machine enemies in a futuristic world.

Bushiden Unveils Extended Gameplay Trailer Featuri
Help Reylee get through the machine minions to his sister

The story requires you to get through a total of seven levels apart from the prologue are to get to Gaoh. In there, you'll have to use your ninja's maneuvers to slash, chop and explode the cybernetic enemies to gain resources. Later, you can use those resources to upgrade your skill and also buy new Chi Spell Attacks from the shop.

Bushiden Unveils Extended Gameplay Trailer Featuri
Each level will take place in a different landscape

The only way to rescue your sister and defeat the wicked bosses is getting stronger. Each time you slay the level's final boss, you will gain a new combat ability to help you with your adventure. But before getting there, hordes of machine enemies will flood onto you. It's the mechanics that the developer is very proud of, in which you'll be locked in a certain area, surviving against wave after waves of machines until you slay them all.

Bushiden Unveils Extended Gameplay Trailer Featuri

That's too tough for a lonely ninja, so Bushiden gives you the unique "crowd control" ability. It's basically a grab, which you can hold your enemies and throw them away at other machines to deal damages to everyone hit. You can also opt to use them as a ground, flip kicking them and toss a shuriken behind.

Bushiden Unveils Extended Gameplay Trailer Featuri
Your grab is extremely useful not only for fighting but also for platforming

Seven levels might be inadequate for you, but you can revisit them after getting stronger. The levels have more secret places than you've thought, and you can only reach those locations with upgraded skills. And don't underestimate them, since they're the only way to make you relevant to Gaoh!

More money, more features

Even though Bushiden has successfully raised its fund with $84,382, the developer Pixel Arc Studio still welcome more backers to help them funding. They've crossed the second goal of $80,000, which allows the developer to bring more expanded cinematics to the game. Hence, you can experience the story in detail, with the same quality as the story trailer. You can see it here:

But if it surpasses $100,000, the developer will bring out the second playable character! She is Reylee's sister - Seana, as you can experience the whole story through the eyes of another character. Furthermore, she will have a completely distinctive playstyle and skillset, which will bring a whole new depth to the game's replayability.

Release date and supported platform

Bushiden will be available for Switch, PS4, and PC via Steam.

Bushiden Unveils Extended Gameplay Trailer Featuri
Bushiden is coming out for PC and consoles

It's expected to come out in August 2020, but as a Kickstarter campaign, we can't say for sure yet.