Since the beginning of Minecraft's development, there have been a number of mobs added to the game but are not actually implemented in either Survival or Creative. Some of them are leftover from removed features, or simply placeholders for new features. However, they are all unique and their implementation into Minecraft would definitely make the game more exciting.

In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 unused mobs in Minecraft that should be added in the 1.19 update.

1. Giants

Giants are unused, over-sized mobs that look like zombies. They previously spawned naturally in Indev, which is over a decade ago. The Giant mob uses a six-times-enlarged zombie model, which is 12 blocks tall - this makes them the tallest mob in the game.

Giant Zombies
The Giant Zombies could be Minecraft overworld's biggest challenge.

Unlike zombies, Giants are not actually undead and do not burn in sunlight or get damaged by healing potions. Their gigantic size also results in a large HP bar and high damage. Overall, giants should be a decent mob to spawn on mountains or caves - these areas are currently pretty barren.

2. Zombie Horse

A zombie horse is an unused variant of the regular horse. Like zombies, zombie horses are green-skinned and their eyes are completely black. They share the same strengths and weaknesses as zombies, which makes them take damage from a potion of healing and affected by the Smite enchantment.

Zombie Horse
Zombie Horse is probably the most likely to be added amongst unused mobs in Minecraft.

It is actually pretty weird that we got the completely outlandish skeleton horse, but the zombie horse is not released yet. They are amongst the fastest horses in Minecraft.

3. Killer Bunny

The killer bunny is an aggressive variant of the rabbit exclusive to Java Edition that is hostile toward players, foxes, and wolves. It is a white rabbit with blood-red eyes that are horizontal, unlike the usual vertical eyes of a normal rabbit.

Killer Bunny
The Killer Bunny is really fast and dangerous.

These bunnies hit hard and move very fast, dealing 8 damage at normal difficulty. They can detect players in a 16 blocks radius and automatically attack them, which is super dangerous. The killer bunny could be a good addition to various structures, as they are a much more dynamic type of trap comparing to TNTs.

4. Illusioner

Illusioners are an unused type of illager that casts spells and is armed with a bow. They can use various spells when engaged and is super dangerous in both offense and defense. Firstly, it can hit the player with the Blindness effect that lasts for 20 seconds, which clouds the player's vision with black fog.

Illusioner Minecraft Illusions
Illusioner is the only magic user amongst unused mobs in Minecraft.

Afterward, it can cast an Invisibility effect on itself that lasts 60 seconds. They can even recast the ability when its duration runs out. This ability also creates 4 false duplicates to confuse the player. Overall, there are barely any caster or mage in Minecraft outside of the Evoker. The addition of the Illusioner to an illager group would definitely make Minecraft combat more exciting.

5. Elder Guardian Ghost

The elder guardian ghost is another unused mob in Minecraft who has the same model and texture as the elder guardian, with some minimal differences. It is probably a removed feature of the normal Elder Guardian, as they behave literally the same but are a bit weaker.

Elder Guardian Ghost
Elder Guardian Ghost is transparent.

Minecraft could definitely bring this mob back, as there are hardly any mob variants underwater.

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