Biomes are one of the most important elements in Minecraft. They govern the open world around the player and their various details. Though Mojang often adds new biomes in Minecraft with update, yet there is still much to be desired. In this article, we are going to suggest some Minecraft biome ideas Mojang should add in future updates.

1. Volcano biome

The volcano is one of the most common types of mountains in the world. They are ruptures in the crust of a planetary-mass object that allows hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface.

Volcano biome
Volcano is one of the most wanted Minecraft biome ideas ever.

By adding volcanoes both over and under the water, magma blocks would have another place to spawn. As volcanoes look super cool, it is a given that many players would try to build a base over them. While players can already create their own mountain of fire with flowing magma, having them generated naturally is still the best.

2. Oasis biome

Deserts are a staple of Minecraft and one of the simplest biomes out there. However, it is super boring there, without much to do at all. Aside from the occasional structures like village or desert temples, there's next to nothing, which makes desert survival super hard.

Oasis biome
The oasis biome would make the desert much more lively.

This is why an Oasis biome would be a good addition to the deserts. It is a piece of fertile land in a desert or semi-desert environment that also provides habitats for animals and plants. An island of green in a sea of yellow and orange would be a magnificent sight to see.

3. Archipelago

While the landmasses of Minecraft world have gotten various updates, its marine biomes barely get any, especially the archipelago mechanics. Currently, there is no archipelago or islands in Minecraft - they are all random pieces of landmasses created by the world generation system.

Archipelago is one of the more common Minecraft biome ideas.

Because of that, players might see islands with different biomes right next to each other, which can be a huge break in immersion. Having proper island/archipelago biomes would make sailing the sea of Minecraft much more enjoyable.

4. Sky Dimension

Currently, there are 3 dimensions in Minecraft: the Overworld (which contains the Deep), the Nether (hell) and the End, which is a huge expanse of nothingness. The sky is the only dimension unexplored in Minecraft. Apparently, it was a planned dimension back in the early days of the game, but its codes were then used for the End dimension instead.

Sky Dimension
The Sky Dimension was a part of Minecraft's early development.

After the implementation of the Deep, it might be time for Mojang to revisit the Sky dimensions. Having an official dimension for all those minigames would be much more convenient.

There's always a huge search volume for dimension mods in Minecraft, so Mojang had better take this suggestion seriously to meet the expectations of its fans.

5. Deep Sea biome

The new Deep biomes in caves and cliff part 2 only influence the underground caverns in Minecraft's landmass. When it comes to the underwater parts, there is nothing currently. If it is to be added, the Deep Sea biome would be the ocean version of the Deep biomes, containing numerous types of deep sea fishes... and more.

Deep Sea biome
A Deep Sea biome would be super exciting to explore.

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