Kelp is quite a useful material in Minecraft. It can be used as a snack when dried, furnace fuel or a material to make your own water elevator. What's even better is that this little plant is quite easy to obtain. So far, there are only a few ways of how to get kelp in Minecraft and we will show you all of them here in this article.

1. Find kelp under the ocean

The majority of kelp in Minecraft spawn underwater on the ocean floor along with seagrass. All you need is your hand to get kelp in Minecraft. Kelp will float on the surface of the water after it breaks so harvesting it shouldn't be too hard. If you break bottom kelp stalks first, then all the kelp stalks above will also break.

Kelp Minecraft
Kelp can mostly be found on the ocean floor along with seagrass.

2. Use bone meal on kelp

You can also grow your own kelp using bone male on existing kelps. This causes the kelp to grow taller by one block each time a bone meal is used as long as the kelp is still underwater.

Bone Meal Minecraft
You can make kelp grow taller by using bone meal on it.

3. Buy kelp from the Wandering Trader

If you don't really want to dive into the ocean or it is just too far away from your house then this is the perfect solution. You can buy kelp from the Wandering Trader for the price of 3 emeralds. However, this is not an ideal nor consistent way to get kelp since the inventory of the Wandering Trader change over time but it is the quickest way to get kelp in Minecraft.

Wandering trader
You can trade emerald for kelp with Wandering Trader if you don't want to go to the ocean.

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