Yesterday, Riot Games dropped a video on YouTube to officially reveal the latest agent of the Valorant's roster. He will take the name of KAY/O and be the 4th Initiator in the game. From the reveal trailer, it seems like Agent 16 can open up a whole world of possibilities on the battleground. Let's check out the new Agent 16's abilities.

Kayo Trailer
KAY/O has been officially revealed and will be available in Chapter 3.

Valorant Agent 16: KAY/O Confirmed by Riot Games

A few days ago, Riot Games dropped a teaser at the Summer Games Fest, hinting a look into its popular FPS title - Valorant. The teaser immediately takes the community by storm and speculations keep coming in, guessing its connection with the new Agent 16.

We have also speculated that the teaser will actually be the image of the new Valorant agent. And as it turns out, we were right! Agent 16 is a robot with the name of KAY/O and he does throw his knife to disrupt the enemies. He can also flash and redefine the meta with his ultimate skill. Eager for more? Here are all of KAY/O abilities.

KAY/O's All Abilities

(E) ZERO/Point

This ability equips KAY/O with a suppression blade. It will throw on Fire and stick to the first surface it hits. All players within the radius of the explosion will be suppressed. Yeah, it's the same knife we saw from earlier leaks.

Valorant Kayo Design
KAY/O is a robot with a lot of suppression on his kit.

(Q) FLASH/Drive

Equip a flash grenade that explodes after a short fuse, blinding anyone in the line of sight. If KAY/O Right Click the flashbang, he will throw a charged flash that only cooks for 1 second, as opposed to 1.6 seconds when left-click.

(C) FRAG/Ment

The Agent will equip an explosive fragment. Once thrown, the fragment sticks to the floor and explodes multiple times, dealing lethal damage at the center with each explosion.

Valorant Agent 16 Leak Knife
The leaked image was actually his knife!

(X) NULL/cmd

When activated, this ability overloads KAY/O and causes large energy pulses to emit from his location. Enemies hit with these pulses are suppressed for a short duration. While in Overload mode, KAY/O gains Combat Stim. If he is killed while overloaded, he will enter a destabilized state, allowing allies to stabilize his core and revive him.

Kayo Confirmed
You will have your second chance when you pop the ultimate.

It's just like in the trailer where Agent 16 has a chance to re-do from scratch!

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