Ever since a data miner posted a Tweet about the Valorant new Agent leak, the community has been on the edge of its seat, trying to solve the mystery. And finally, three days ago at the Summer Games Fest, Riot Games dropped the first look of what might be our Agent 16. It appears that the new Valorant agent will be a robot!

Riot Games Reveals Valorant New Agent 16 At 2021 Summer Games Fest

It has been a year since Valorant’s launch and we’re closing in on its third episode release. Major new content is coming to the game, most notably, the debut of Valorant Agent 16. So far, all we know about whom is very little. And we can give Riot Games credits for keeping the information secret for so long.

But everything changed at the 2021 Summer Games Fest, a digital video game showcase event that has kicked off E3. On June 10th, Riot Games revealed a teaser trailer for Agent 16, a very first look at the agent. And as you can see in the video above, it appears as though we're having some sort of a robot.

Valorant New Agent Leak Information

Valorant data miners first discovered a strange codename - ‘Grenadier’, buried in a new file last month. The name itself certainly gives us some intel about Agent 16's role in the game as well as its lore. In the military, grenadiers are typically strong soldiers who are tasked with sieging forts using throwable grenades and assault weapons. From there, we can expect the new agent to be a heavy hitter.

Valorant New Agent Teaser Summer Game Fest
Can this robot be Agent 16?

Valorant Agent 16 Abilities

So far, what we know about Agent 16's skills is still a blur. From the information we have, we can only make guesses about his abilities. However, a Valorant new Agent leak suggests that Grenadier may use some sort of throwable explosive or charged device to throw at his enemies.

Valorant Art
The path towards the new Agent of Valorant is really blurry.

The biggest clue we have ever got about Agent 16 is a comment made by John Goscicki, Valorant’s character producer. In a “State of the Agents” article published at the end of May, he said:

“This is an Agent whose utility can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay. The new Agent is coming soon enough, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you think when they finally say hello!”

Now, if you tie this comment with the name "Grenadier", it may shed some light on the new agent's ability. He can be using an EMP device to “create moments where you must rely on your gunplay" by breaking utilities. We have seen such mechanics in ova’s arrows, Killjoy’s bots, and Cypher’s cameras.

Valorant Agent 16 Icon
We only know for sure this is the new Agent's icon.

Or if you think about the possibility that Agent 16 is a robot, Grenadier may have the ability to hack other agents and stop them from using their skills.

A new leak informed by Valorant data miner ValorLeaks has just surfaced, uncovering files that refer to a “Suppression” buff. This strengthens the assumption that Valorant Agent 16 will have some sort of ability that can disarm or suppress other agents.

Updated Lore Theory

About 1 week ago, Valorant dropped new lore cinematic to fill in about the Agents of the mirror verse. In the video, we see another Phoenix that not only looks exactly like him, by also possesses the pyromancer ability.

You may not know this, but at the time when the Summer Games Fest trailer went out, the entire Valorant Twitter channel was renamed "Killjoy" and decked out with her profile picture. Then there's the picture below shows a conversation between Killjoy and Brimstone, suggesting her relation to Grenadier.

Valorant Agent 16 Leak Killjoy Brimstone
Check out Killjoy's conversation!

The Valorant community is tieing these links together to assume that Killjoy may be the one who builds the robot. After all, she's quite handy with technology.

Valorant Agent 16 Leak Killjoy Robo
Another suspective image where Killjoy reaches out for the Alarmbot.

In-Game Teasers

Unfortunately, we haven't got any Valorant new agent trailer yet, but we do have a few teasers to analyze. Just as in the case of Agent 15, there has already been a ton of hints at Agent 16’s impending arrival.

Valorant Agent 16 Leak Knife
The weird knife found on Breeze.

The images above show a teaser on the Breeze map. There’s a knife stuck in one of the Radianite boxes, and it doesn't seem like a typical knife. Does it mean Grenadier will be throwing knives that react to the Radianite within the other Agents to disable their utility?

Valorant Agent 16 Leak Breeze
And there's this message.

More notably, there’s also new signage just below the portal above Breeze A site that reads “ARRIVAL IMMINENT”.

Valorant New Agent Release Date

Since Riot changed its typical Agent release schedule by not releasing one per Act this episode, it may signal that Valorant new agent Grenadier is coming for the launch of Episode 3. According to the timeline, Episode 3, Act 1 should kick off on June 22, 2021, one day after the current battle pass expires.

Valorant Phoenix Jett
Wait until June 22, 2021, to find out.

It seems like we only have to wait for 10 more days to unveil the mystery that is Grenadier - Agent 16.

And that is pretty much everything we have right now regarding Valorant new Agent leak. We will update you as soon as any new information about Agent 16 comes online. So make sure you stay tuned to GuruGamer.com so that you won't miss it!

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